Importance of Social Etiquette

Social etiquette is just not more than following a set of rules, but it is an important set of Life Skills. Social etiquette is knowing the right thing to say and do in a social situation. While it may be hard to know the most gracious way to act at any given moment, knowing the basics of social etiquette will guide you in the right direction and save you much embarrassment at your next social function. So, let’s have a look at some of the basic social etiquette that needs to be adhered to:

1. Remember to remember the names. It is important to remember people’s names so you can introduce them to others and establish relationships with new people early on. If it’s difficult for you to remember names, try to associate a person you meet with another person you know (or celebrity, sports figure, etc.) that has the same name.

2. Always use please and thank you. This is a basic rule of social etiquette that many people have unfortunately forgotten. When you say please and thank you, you are extending graciousness to your host or hostess, your date, and any wait staff who serve you while you’re at a function. Sending a thank you note to the host is another basic fundamental of social etiquette.

3. Do not gossip or speak poorly about anyone at social events. This includes former boyfriends or girlfriends, previous bosses and colleagues, estranged friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and even your veterinarian. There are several reasons to not put people down in public. The world is indeed small, and it’s entirely possible that the words you say about someone will be repeated back to them at a later date. Second, speaking poorly about someone is not gracious. Remember, someone at the event could be your next boyfriend or boss or confidante. You don’t want to isolate yourself from others before they get to know you.

4. Do not be boastful. There is a time and a place to talk about your accomplishments, particularly when someone asks you a question about them. While you should project confidence when you speak about yourself, strive for a balance of asking other people questions and drawing the attention away from yourself.

5. Follow proper etiquette while dining. At any social event, it’s important to keep your focus on the guests, not on the food. No matter how delicious the food may taste, try to remain attentive to what others are saying and contribute to the conversation during a meal. Not only is this proper etiquette, it will prevent you from overeating. Of course, practice good dining etiquette by using the proper place settings, wiping your mouth, taking small bites, chewing with your mouth closed, and not burping after a meal. When it comes down to it, social etiquette is good common sense. But good common sense is very un-common! So, if you would like to be treated nicely in a social gathering, you have to be on spot in etiquette yourself. Good news is that the aforesaid points are not rocket science and can easily be practiced with a conscious effort.

Happy socializing!

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Importance of Social Etiquette
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