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Celebrity Beauty: Celebrity Social Media, March 1, 2021

Celebrity Beauty: Celebrity Social Media, March 1, 2021

Celebrity Beauty:

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JLo Beauty has been sending out skin care fridges and it certainly makes sense to send one to Drew Barrymore because, besides her talk show, she has been doing “Beauty Week” on her Instagram for years, sharing her favourite products that range from luxury to drug store brands. The video is typical enthusiastic Drew but something else caught my eye – there are stockings hanging from her mantle. Christmas-style stockings. I have so many questions. Were they left up on purpose or is it something on the to-do list that didn’t get crossed off? Do they stay up all year? If not, when will they come down?

So if you are a parent in your 40s, chances are 90s music is to your kids what 70s music was to you. That blank stare says it all.

Taylor Swift is disappointed in Netflix for a joke that ran on Ginny & Georgia. It was the old “Taylor Swift dates too much” trope, which is not a strong joke and not even true as she’s been in a longterm relationship for years. Taylor’s point is valid but, as I’ve said many times, Taylor loves to argues her way out of a good position. This time she did it by indulging her fandom, who are actively going after the scriptwriters (both women), sharing their names, photos, and social media handles. Is this a proportionate response? Or is it her giving her fandom marching orders because part of Taylor’s strategy is embracing the idea that she’s the underdog, even as she has thousands of accounts taking up for her, as well as a direct line to Netflix to share her concerns. There’s also something else to think about in her and her fan’s assertion that Netflix should respect her because of Miss Americana, that this kind of work should shield her. This is her using her power and her privilege to pull up… for herself. And it perpetuates a very white feminist “girl boss” rhetoric that has widely hurt women of colour because it ties in protection and equal rights to opportunity and success. Her having a successful career doesn’t make her more worthy of respect than any other women. (For some context that doesn’t come from Swifties, read Vulture TV critic’s Kathryn Vananderonk’s analysis of Ginny & Georgia’s tone and writing.)

Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back. How about we stop degrading hard working women by defining this horse shit as FuNnY. Also, @netflix after Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you 💔 Happy Women’s History Month I guess pic.twitter.com/2X0jEOXIWp

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) March 1, 2021

let my time watching all of Ginny & Georgia be useful:

like most of the worst-sounding lines from the show (including the viral oppression olympics video), the show is not endorsing these lines! we’re supposed to cringe at them, or at least think the speaker is being cruel https://t.co/rnpavpu9TS

— Kathryn VanArendonk (@kvanaren) March 1, 2021

Like Duana, I very much enjoyed Jason Sudekis’s hoodie but some people did not. The tweet below set off a debate about standards of dress, which I don’t think fits into this scenario because it’s Zoom. I assume anyone who wanted to dress up did so of their own volition and those who wanted to chill in pjs (Jodie Foster) or a t-shirt (Chloe Zhao) could do so as well. Red carpet coverage is of course skewed toward women but in this particular scenario I think everyone was free-wheeling and doing what they felt like for the night.

Siri show me the different expectations for male and female presentation in Hollywood pic.twitter.com/WUae2NtJeM

— Rebecca Keegan (@ThatRebecca) March 1, 2021

Steamy hot take maybe all the women who dressed up wanted to dress up and we leave it at that? It was the zoom golden globes some people fell asleep so I’d say expectations were low https://t.co/IzY8mwWKuI

— nicole byer (@nicolebyer) March 1, 2021

High heel sales plummeted in 2020 and 2021 probably isn’t going to be much better for that particular kind of shoe. When life is back to a different kind of normal (as in, we can all socialize freely, have parties, red carpets etc.) do you think high heels will make a comeback and be higher than ever, or do you think so many of us have gone so long without wearing heels that we’ve lost the feel for it forever?

January Jones and Kieran Shipka pulled the ultimate Golden Globes throwback and both looks still stand up. 

Justin Bieber is 27 today and in a good place in his work and his life. As we’ve seen many times before him, child stardom doesn’t spare many and Justin is aware of this and has spoken many times about the mistakes he made in his early 20s, which seems to be the hot zone for child stars. If they fall off, that’s usually when it happens, when they have a different kind of freedom and also a different set of adult expectations. Justin has been through it all with Scooter Braun; their careers are heavily intertwined and today for the first time, I looked up Scooter’s age: he’s only 12 years older than Justin which explains their loyalty to one another. They grew up together.

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are really on a roll – they’ve had their 6th child together (his 7th, including Ireland). If you were friends with Alec and Hilaria and wanted to send a gift to congratulate them, what would you send? You know they have all the onesies and blankets and gadgets. You can’t buy a nap, which is probably what they really want and need. 

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