Celebrity News: Trump Says It’s a Blessing He Got COVID, Free Treatment For Everyone

Celebrity News: Trump Says It’s a Blessing He Got COVID, Free Treatment For Everyone

Celebrity News:

Celebrity News:
President Trump
It’s a Blessing From God I got COVID!!!
White House Official Reportedly Gravely Ill

10/7/2020 6:02 PM PT

6:00 PM PTCrede Bailey, a top White House security official, is gravely ill with the virus and has been hospitalized since last month, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

President Trump says his COVID diagnosis was a blessing from God in disguise … and he wants the American people to get the same treatment he did — for free.

Trump just released another video update on his health, and he says he’s feeling great after getting treated with Regeneron. Trump promised to give the therapeutic to Americans who come down with COVID, and it’s all gonna be free.

Ok … lots of issues. First, Trump was speaking at The White House with NO MASK, despite the fact he has COVID, is contagious, and a hundred people who work in the residence quarters may be compromised.

What’s even more ridiculous … Trump says he’s the one who decided he should take Regeneron. So, with all the doctors at Walter Reed, Trump decided he knows best so he’s self-medicating.

And, there’s this … people with COVID can take a dramatically bad turn 5 to 7 days in, even if they feel good. In other words, he’s not out of the woods. And, he’s on steroids, which mask the symptoms.

Watch the video … one minute in, you see Trump, and as he says “A short 24 hours later,” spittle shoots out of his mouth. We point this out to show the dangers of the President being around people while he’s still recovering from the virus.

BTW … Trump’s medical treatment for COVID would have cost more than $100,000 in our health care system, according to The New York Times.

Trump claims there are huge amounts of Regeneron just waiting to get sent to hospitals all over the country. He’s also strangely calling it a cure and saying there are vaccines right around the corner.

Socialist Trump … who saw this comin