Celebrity News: Lele Pons Reveals She’s Set to Collab With “Someone Really Big” on a Spanish-Sung Track

Celebrity News: Lele Pons Reveals She’s Set to Collab With “Someone Really Big” on a Spanish-Sung Track

Celebrity News:

Lele Pons Drops Hint About Music Collab With “Someone Really Big”

A single word (and, to be fair, a couple of emojis) recently sent Lele Pons‘ fans into a frenzy.

The world-famous influencer and singer broke down what happened on HappE! Hour with Scott Tweedie, explaining that her Instagram caption reading “Soon”—which she followed up with two music emojis, alongside photos and a video of her in a bikini on a yacht—wasn’t supposed to be that obvious.

Of course, Lele understood the mix-up. After all, she did accidentally reveal the release date for what we now know will be a new song.

“My team was like, whyyy?” Lele told Scott. “They’re like, ‘Lele listen, you put ‘soon’ and you put a music emoji. You’re obviously saying, like, the song’s coming out.’ I even put the date and then I deleted it.”

“It was supposed to be a secret!” she added.

Regardless, there’s still plenty of mystery surrounding the upcoming track. Luckily, Lele gave us a couple of hints for what to expect.

“It’s obviously in Spanish, and it’s a collab with someone really big,” the 24-year-old revealed. “I love that person to death.”

Lele’s no stranger to working with other stars. In 2018, she played a role in Camila Cabello‘s “Havana” music video; an experience she described as “amazing.”

“I think my favorite part was that she’s so humble. It’s just so hard to find, you know, people that are so successful like her—celebrities—that are so humble,” Lele explained. “Like, she came up to me and like hugged me. She was like, ‘I love you!'”

She continued, “It’s just her. I think that was my favorite part. It’s her. That was everything I needed.” 

Though Lele of course wouldn’t name who she’s set to collab with on her upcoming song, she did say that she’d “love” to work with Selena Gomez after a fan posed the question. 

“I hear she’s super nice!” Lele said, adding that she’s actually ran into her a couple of times. “She’s so cute. I think one of her friends lives in my building.”

In addition to working on new music, Lele also just launched a podcast called Best Kept Secrets With Lele Pons: a weekly series where anonymous callers reach out to her to discuss confidential information that they don’t wan

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