Celebrity News: T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Pullins, 24, Pregnant With 1st Child

Celebrity News: T.I. & Tiny’s Daughter Zonnique Pullins, 24, Pregnant With 1st Child

Celebrity News:

T.I. and Tiny’s family is expanding! Tiny’s oldest child and T.I.’s stepdaughter, singer Zonnique Pullins, is pregnant. She revealed the big news on Aug. 4

Zonnique Pullins is expecting her first child with rapper boyfriend Bandhunata Izzy! The 24-year-old singer confirmed the the news on Aug. 4 that she is already five months along to PEOPLE magazine. “Literally every year, probably for the past three years, this same rumor [that I was pregnant] had come out. This time I actually am pregnant. It’s weird!” she told the publication. This marks the first child for Zonnique, who is the eldest daughter of Xscape singer Tameka “Tiny” Harris. Tiny’s husband, rapper T.I. is her stepfather.

Celebrity News: Zonnique Pullins
Zonnique Pullins on the red carpet. (Photo credit: AP)

Zonnique’s pregnancy has been smooth sailing so far. “With it being my first time being pregnant, I had so many expectations and was thinking, ‘Oh, it’s going to be really hard,’” she told the magazine. “I never really had morning sickness.” But being pregnant during COVID-19 has had its drawbacks. “When it comes to going to doctor’s appointments, I go to all of them by myself. I ask every single time, ‘Can I bring my boyfriend?’ And they’re like, ‘No, only you can come,’” the singer explained. “That’s been the worst part. I’m hoping by the time I’m ready to have the baby it will be over with. But I’m sure it won’t be, so I’ll be in there with one person, most likely. I’m just trying not to get my hopes too high anymore.”

Zonnique’s mom Tiny took to Instagram to share the news after her daughter’s big announcement. Next to a her daughter getting her bump pictures taken on a professional photoshoot, Tiny wrote, “I can finally say…My baby is having a baby!! I’m getting more excited by the day!! @zonniquejailee @bandhunta_izzy Congratulations to you both!! I love y’all.”

Despite keeping the news private, Zonnique responded to pregnancy speculation before she confirmed the news. After fans began questioning if she was expecting, Zonnique took to social media with this response: “I wanna be on my Nicki Minaj sh-t. Not gonna be f–king loud answering to y’all like I got to,” she wrote, before telling her followers to mind their business. Zonnique was referencing Nicki Minaj, who kept her first pregnancy a secret, before revealing her baby bump in a series of photos on July 20.

It’s unclear when Zonnique and Izzy began dating, though they’ve been serious for the past year or so. As for whether or not Tip approves of Zonnique’s baby’s father? — That’s a yes, although the rapper isn’t all that easy to please.

Celebrity News: Zonnique Pullins & her mom Tiny Harris
Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris & her daughter Zonnique Pullins on the red carpet. (Photo credit: AP)

While discussing the lives of MCs and rappers on his podcast, expediTIously, Tip and fellow rapper Fabolous, also chatted about their daughters’ relationships with rappers. Fabolous’ stepdaughter, Taina Williams, is dating Chicago rapper G Herbo.

“I must say, the young man that she’s dealing with, he’s

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