Celebrity News: Jam Master Jay Murder Suspects Indicted, His Family has ‘Mixed Emotions’

Celebrity News: Jam Master Jay Murder Suspects Indicted, His Family has ‘Mixed Emotions’

Celebrity News:

Celebrity News:
Jam Master Jay
2 Men Indicted for His Murder After 18 Years …
Family has ‘Mixed Emotions’

8/18/2020 6:50 AM PT

Celebrity News:

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6:41 AM PT8/18 — Jay’s family says their feelings are mixed upon hearing the news, but they hope these indictments truly lead to justice being served.

Celebrity News:

The Mizell family adds that for other families who have gone through years of suffering and “lingering pain” … they pray Jay’s case gives them hope for closure, and it “brings awareness to the fact that Black lives do matter.”

12:41 PM PT — The motive behind Jam Master Jay’s murder was that one of the suspects had been cut out of a drug deal … according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

According to federal prosecutors … the investigation revealed Jay had acquired 10 kilos of cocaine to be distributed in Maryland by Washington, Jordan and others, but Jay allegedly told Washington he was not going to be involved.

So, authorities allege the 2 suspects entered Jay’s studio around 7:30 PM armed with firearms, and Jordan fired 2 shots at close range … one of which hit the Run-DMC DJ in the head and killed him. The second shot struck another person in the leg.

Each man is charged with murder while engaged in narcotics trafficking and firearm-related murder for the fatal shooting. Jordan is also charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and 7 counts of cocaine distribution.

Both men are facing 20 years to life in prison, or possibly even the death penalty, if convicted.

The murder of Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay has been a mystery for nearly 2 decades … but 2 men are finally in custody for the crime, TMZ has confirmed.

Jay was shot to death on October 30, 2002, in a recording studio in Queens, and now federal prosecutors are indicting  Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan, Jr. for the crime.

The 2 men have long been suspects, but the feds finally feel they have the goods to prosecute them on charges of murder while engaged in drug trafficking.

Celebrity News:

Federal prosecutors are expected to announce the charges some time Monday, as was first reported by the NY Times.

Washington is already serving a federal sentence for robbery, and Jordan was taken into custody Sunday.

JMJ, real name Jason Mizell, was just 37 when he was killed.

Originally Published — 8/17 10:20 AM PT

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