Celebrity News: Woman Who Filmed TikTok Intrusion Allowed to Break Lease and Move

Celebrity News: Woman Who Filmed TikTok Intrusion Allowed to Break Lease and Move

Celebrity News:

Celebrity News:
TikTok Intrusion
Victim Fearful and Moving Out
… Allowed to Break Lease

12/4/2020 7:54 AM PT



7:51 AM PT — Good news for Hannah — she’s being allowed to break her lease with no fees or penalties.

The company managing the apartment building tells us Hannah’s December rent will also be waived, and she’ll get her security deposit back if she vacates her unit before Dec. 24.

Hannah Viverette — the woman whose TikTok recording captured the moment a man allegedly busted into her home — says she’s now stuck between a rock and a very scary hard place due to the ordeal.

Hannah tells us the man who was arrested for stalking after entering her apartment Sunday night still lives in her building. He bailed out of jail after his arrest, and she says his eviction date is still a couple weeks away.

TikTok/ Hrviverette

Hannah says she’s frightened to live there and has been staying in a safe place since the incident — but she’s desperate to move out for good and find a new permanent home.

Problem is, she claims her apartment complex in Maryland won’t allow her to break her lease — and says she’s already dealing with enough hardship as a single mom who lost her job due to the pandemic.

Her attorney, Symone Redwine, tells us she believes what happened to Hannah is grounds for her to immediately terminate her lease without penalty … and she’s talking to the complex to try to make that happen.

As we reported … Angel Moises Rodriguez-Gomez was charged with 2 counts of burglary, second-degree assault, stalking and malicious destruction of property.

Hannah tells us she also filed for a restraining order a few days after the incident because she was told it would help expedite the process of him getting kicked out of the building. She says his eviction date, as of now, isn

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