Celebrity News: Celebrations Erupt Coast-to-Coast After Biden Declared Winner

Celebrity News: Celebrations Erupt Coast-to-Coast After Biden Declared Winner

Celebrity News:

Celebrity News:
2020 Presidential Election
Coast-to-Coast Celebration
… Trump’s Movin’ Out and Biden’s Movin’ In

11/7/2020 9:53 AM PT

Getty/@QuickTake Twitter/TMZ.com

A massive crowd gathered at The White House Saturday … celebrating Donald Trump‘s impending change of address.

Thousands of people showed up at the fortified gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, cheering the news Joe Biden has been declared President. They also marched through nearby DC streets as a flatbed truck drove through blaring “Y.M.C.A.”


As the MC onboard the truck put it, “We took his song back.” The sitting President made the Village People classic a staple at his campaign rallies.

It’s quite the rolling party … the truck was also carrying a local DC band, “Long Live Go Go.”

The DC gathering is all the more meaningful given what happened this past summer, when protesters were gassed and beaten so Trump could have a photo op at a nearby church.

WATCH: Biden supporters in Philadelphia cheer and celebrate the results of the 2020 election https://t.co/KuhrQtuEZG #Election2020 pic.twitter.com/fDNitT0t7v

— The Hill (@thehill) November 7, 2020

Of course, there was a huge crowd that gathered in Philly, which is what allowed networks to call the election. The celebration was wild.


Moving to the West Coast, Santa Monica Blvd. erupted into celebration on Santa Monica Blvd. early Saturday morning, with folks cheering, honking and otherwise showing glee over the results.


A massive crowd also assembled in New York City’s Union Square, where folks celebrated with horn-honking, banging pots and pans, lots of cheering and people literally jumping up and down in the streets. Spike Lee broke out the champagne in a spirited celebration.

We’re going to update the celebrations all day, so come back soon!!!

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