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Celebrity Fitness: Watch Sarah Cooper and Helen Mirren Recreate Trump’s ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape


Celebrity Fitness:

When Netflix first announced just a couple of months ago that TikTok sensation Sarah Cooper was getting her own comedy special, it was kind of hard to imagine what it might look like.

The final product, titled Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine, landed on Netflix this Tuesday, just one week ahead of the 2020 election. Packaged as a sort of dystopian morning show parody, the special features plenty of new Trump lip syncs from Cooper. In one especially inspired sketch, she plays a series of American Girl-style dolls for sale on a QAnon shopping network, mouthing memorable quotes from Kellyanne Conway, Ivanka Trump, and Melania Trump.

Everything’s Fine is also packed with even more celebrity cameos than it deserves, including Jane Lynch as a “Karen” cooking show host, producer Maya Rudolph as an apocalyptic meteorologist, and Jon Hamm as the “Mr. Pillow” guy pushing a Trump-approved coronavirus vaccine.

    But the special’s undisputed highlight comes in the form of an elaborate recreation of the infamous Access Hollywood tape, which hit the internet almost exactly four years ago and at the time felt like the nail in the coffin for Trump’s flailing presidential campaign.

    Cooper, of course, plays Trump in the expertly constructed video. But she has outdone herself by casting Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren as former NBC host Billy Bush. Audio that has been heard by viewers innumerable times since it first leaked in 2016 takes on new resonance as two women act out the current president’s perverted fantasies about “moving on” women “like a bitch” and grabbing them “by the pussy.”

    We can describe it all we want, but only watching it for yourself will fully reveal its satirical brilliance. It’s not quite the October surprise of the original video and yet somehow, in this moment, it hits just as hard.

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