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Celebrity Beauty: How to Take the Best Selfies According to Maine Mendoza

Celebrity Beauty: How to Take the Best Selfies According to Maine Mendoza

Celebrity Beauty:

Celebrity Beauty: How to Take the Best Selfies According to Maine Mendoza

Truth be told, a pretty face can capture attention, but only those with beautiful minds and substance can hold that attention.  In the world of show business, Maine Mendoza is one of those who have remained genuinely true not only to herself; but to her followers as well.  Self-expression can be done in so many ways and the extreme pressure of being in the spotlight can somehow affect how one should look, talk, act, and think. Honestly, the spotlight may distort things; but not with Maine.   Being real is what she is good at and the way she genuinely expresses, shares, and entertains is what her followers love about her.  

Focusing on what’s real and beautiful is what the Vivo V20Pro is all about.  Because of its state-of-the-art features, looking good is just the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the slim, sleek physique are camera features that go beyond expectations. Capturing beautiful images are easy; but capturing beauty with depth and substance makes one stand out. Much like what Maine Mendoza exudes. The ability to express beyond what you actually see is what makes one unique and beautiful.

Written by Maine Mendoza

Celebrity Beauty:

It all started with a selfie camera.

I’m sure many people have dreamt of entering the showbiz industry at one point in their lives. I know I did and thankfully, I got a break. But more than fame and celebrity status, what I really wanted was to entertain others while expressing myself genuinely—to create authentic content that would spread laughter and positive vibes.

A trusty aid to accomplish all these since the beginning of my career are cameras, which as we all know, are a huge part of this generation’s culture. Knowing that most people nowadays always try to capture the perfect selfie for posting on their social media profiles, I’d like to share with you a thing or two about selfies that I picked up along the way:

  • Find your light 

Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, lighting will help capture beauty in all its glory—pak ganern. Between the two, I always go for the former though. That sunlight just adds that glowing look that’s unmatched by any artificial light.

Celebrity Beauty:
  • Find your angle 

Angles are your best friend when you take selfies because it really enhances your already-stunning look. Want to let that jawline shine? Take a selfie from top view and tilt your head a little away from the camera. Want to make yabang your height (wow conyo)? Take a selfie from a bottom angle with your phone extended away from your body.

  • Smile naturally

I can’t emphasize enough how important authenticity is to look and feel your best. In every selfie you take, make sure to smile naturally. And don’t forget to smile with your eyes—it adds that extra kislap and kutitap especially if you have a smartphone like the vivo V20 Pro which has an industry-leading eye auto-tracking feature which will let those sparks fly.

  •  Choose the best filter for the photo

Our pictures, no matter how simple or engrande, always tell a story. In order for that story to be communicated clearly, we can use filters that color correct images to set the mood of our selfies. Just make sure your smartphone has a high quality display like the vivo V20 Pro, which has a high definition 6.44 megapixel display (super clear and colorful guys), so that you can clearly see your vision come to life.

Celebrity Beauty:
  •  Of course, choose the perfect selfie tool like the V20 Pro

When I started posting videos and pictures online, smartphones had a more or less decent camera setup. Now, smartphones are way more advanced and halos kapareho na ng mga professional camera. My current go-to phone, the vivo V20 Pro, for example, has a 44megapixel dual selfie camera which really captures all the details—pati pores! Char!—for that perfect selfie.

It also gives me an advantage in taking OOTD mirror selfies dahil tatlo yung rear camera niya! Ang sarap din gamitin kahit madilim because it has a 64 megapixel night camera.

And I just love the stunning colors of the phone that can match any outfit! My personal fave is the Sunset Melody kasi colorful ako e! Chos! The other stunning color options are Midnight Jazz and Moonlight Sonata, may pagka-mysterious no?

  • Be The Focus

Finally, in taking selfies, forget about all the outside noise and all the things you think people will say. Just be yourself. Be the focus of your selfies. I’ve always promoted self-expression either explicitly or through my work. So trust me when I say, “Just be you”, because it will not only get you places, but it will help you feel your best every day.

About the author:

Maine Mendoza is a Filipino actress and television personality who rose to fame for her role as Yaya Dub in the noontime variety show Eat Bulaga! segment “Kalyeserye”, previously aired on GMA Network and worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV, where she was paired with Alden Richards to form the highly popular love team AlDub which is a portmanteau of Richards’ first name and Mendoza’s character in “Kalyeserye”.

Nicknamed the Phenomenal Star, she was the Philippines’ most googled female personality in 2015 and most tweeted Filipino celebrity in the world in 2017. Her huge following on Twitter and Instagram, at 6.2 million and 3.8 million respectively, makes her one of the most influential artists in the country. She is also known for her funny and quirky Dubsmash videos which always go viral.

Maine has also released her first autobiographical book in October 2017 entitled “Yup, I Am That Girl” which is said to be an unfiltered version of her personal blog Pessimistic

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