Celebrity Culture: Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Scientology School

Celebrity Culture: Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Scientology School

Celebrity Culture:

Jada Pinkett Smith, for a special two-part episode of her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk.” data-reactid=”17″ type=”text”>There used to be some therapeutic that wished to occur. And so, in October 2018, Hollywood superstar Will Smith joined his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, for a new two-piece episode of her Fb Peek series Crimson Desk Talk.

interview with Leah Remini, the ex-Scientologist turned whistleblower who alleged that Pinkett Smith was a devoted practitioner of Scientology—a costly endeavor (reaching its highest “Operating Thetan” levels can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars) that comprises tales of intergalactic overlords, dead alien souls, “body thetans,” and the curious theory that humans evolved from clams. ” data-reactid=”18″ type=”text”>One twelve months prior, The On daily foundation Beast had published an interview with Leah Remini, the ex-Scientologist turned whistleblower who alleged that Pinkett Smith used to be a actual practitioner of Scientology—a dear endeavor (reaching its very top “Working Thetan” ranges can value tons of of thousands of dollars) that comprises tales of intergalactic overlords, ineffective alien souls, “body thetans,” and the uncommon conception that humans developed from clams. 

“I know Jada’s in. I know Jada’s in. She’s been in Scientology a in point of fact long time,” Remini suggested me. “I never seen Will [Smith] there, but I seen Jada on the Superstar Centre. They unfolded a Scientology college, and have since closed it. But Jada, I had considered her on the Scientology Superstar Centre the overall time.”

the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood, California, where its handful of famous acolytes take courses along the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” The King of Queens star’s claim prompted Will to clear the air. ” data-reactid=”20″ type=”text”>Remini used to be referring to the Scientology Superstar Centre in Hollywood, California, the place its handful of notorious acolytes opt programs alongside the “Bridge to Whole Freedom.” The King of Queens star’s recount precipitated Will to obvious the air. 

terribly awkward fashion—that the “swingers” portion of that statement was misleading at best. As for the “Scientologists” part, well, that doesn’t appear to be entirely true either. (The Smiths and the Church of Scientology did not respond to numerous requests for comment.) ” data-reactid=”22″ type=”text”>Pretty over per week previously, the couple confessed—in terribly awkward fashion—that the “swingers” share of that assertion used to be deceptive at simplest. As for the “Scientologists” piece, properly, that doesn’t seem like fully right either. (The Smiths and the Church of Scientology didn’t answer to hundreds of requests for suppose.) 

And nowhere used to be that affect extra apparent than on the New Village Leadership Academy, the Smiths’ mysterious non-public college in tony Calabasas, California, that opened its doorways in 2008 sooner than quietly closing in 2013. 

The On daily foundation Beast spoke to four used lecturers and directors on the New Village Leadership Academy who narrate that Scientology not most efficient bled into every aspect of the college but that it used to be “with no doubt a Scientology college,” filled with mostly Scientologist-lecturers that taught students Scientology programs of studying. 

The New Village Leadership Academy began as a residence college in most seemingly the most Smiths’ unused residences in Indian Hills, California. 

“Will and Jada gathered 20, 30 kids—in conjunction with their kids, Jaden and Willow—in their used residence. It used to be a substantial residence the place they’d several rooms, nearly cherish a Montessori,” says Mariappan Jawaharlal, Ph.D., who goes by the nickname “Jawa.”

Jawaharlal, who at this time serves as an engineering professor at California Bellow College, Sacramento, is most seemingly the most main robotics instructors in the country, and used to be recruited by Jacqueline Olivier to be a customer-lecturer for the Smiths’ budding college. Olivier had beforehand flee the Gillispie College in La Jolla, California, and used to be employed by the Smiths to abet came upon and oversee the New Village Leadership Academy. 

There have been other signs. Olivier says she soon came upon that every one of the lecturers in the Smiths’ residence have been Scientologists, and remembers Pinkett Smith ordering her to pick out out on classes in “see technology”—a dubious instructing technique developed by Hubbard that is foundational to Scientology.

The New Village Leadership Academy’s web exclaim material, which has since been removed, didn’t agree with any mention of Scientology but did provide an explainer of see technology, which it described as: “An academic model developed by L R Hubbard, see technology makes a speciality of three principles. First is the employ of ‘mass’ (manipulatives and hands-on experiences) to foster belief—kids deserve to peep and in reality feel what they’re studying about. 2d is the attention to the ‘gradient,’ which ensures students master one degree sooner than transferring on to the next. Third is the ‘misunderstood word,’ whereby students master word definitions and are taught to not be taught previous phrases they don’t know the meanings of in recount to fancy completely what they’re reading and studying. NVA uses see technology as an umbrella methodology woven thru the issues.” (The note of belief the “misunderstood word” is is believed as “word clearing.”)

“Will would exclaim, ‘It has to be 100 p.c see technology.’ And I later realized that you just couldn’t have it lower than that, on memoir of it’s a holy suppose,” says Olivier. “And Jada acknowledged, ‘If you occur to’re the actual person to blame of the college then you definately wish to be the actual particular individual that is aware of the most about see technology, so we need you to pick out out on these programs.’” 

Olivier says she and other lecturers have been made to pick out out on programs at Scientology’s Superstar Centre in Hollywood, California, and likewise at Applied Scholastics, a Scientology-affiliated community that promotes see technology.

“All of us went to Applied Scholastics,” says Olivier. “They’ve all these front companies that you just most efficient rate later are Scientology.”

E-meter, and Jada was always at the Celebrity Centre,” she continues. “My feeling is that Jada was really into [Scientology] and Will was sort of whatever… but he took all the courses too.”” data-reactid=”52″ type=”text”>“I had to head the overall fashion down to the Superstar Centre and operate stuff with the E-meter, and Jada used to be continuously on the Superstar Centre,” she continues. “My feeling is that Jada used to be truly into [Scientology] and Will used to be make of despite… but he took the overall programs too.”

The 2008 tax returns for the Smiths’ charitable foundation, the Will & Jada Smith Family Foundation, confirmed that the pair gave a total of $122,500 to Scientology teams, in conjunction with Applied Scholastics and its umbrella organization, the Association for Better Dwelling and Education (ABLE). 

“I used to be naïve about it,” offers Olivier. “I opt things at face value and exclaim to mind us—and they’re actors. And that’s how they lured of us into Scientology.” 

In 2008, the Smiths paid $890,000 for a three-twelve months lease to a constructing that formerly housed Indian Hills High College—a station simplest known for educating 5 of the seven members of the “Bling Ring,” a gang of teenagers who robbed movie star properties in Calabasas. 

And Olivier used to be admittedly angry on the prospect of helping came upon a college that equipped educational opportunities for underprivileged kids, from pre-Ok to sixth grade.

“I truly wished to commence a college, and used to be very into social justice and vary, giving opportunities to kids,” explains Oliver, noting that 80 p.c of the students at New Village Leadership Academy got some make of financial lend a hand, and most of the student body used to be Gloomy. 

Plus, both privately and publicly, the Smiths many events maintained that New Village Leadership Academy used to be a secular, non-religious college that merely employed see technology. 

Worn lecturers and directors who spoke to The On daily foundation Beast dispute this characterization.

“That they had this route supervisor who had her possess Scientology charges, and so I employed a bunch of of us that weren’t Scientologists,” says Olivier. “Each person else there have been Scientologists.” 

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Jawaharlal, who customer-lectured on the college from 2008 to 2010, also says he seen posters of Hubbard on the partitions, and that most of New Village Leadership Academy lecturers have been Scientologists. 

Olivier alleges that, to boot to see technology, the New Village Leadership Academy used to be enforcing a name of other Scientology practices, in conjunction with the “Tone Scale,” charting and examining an particular particular person’s emotion; the “Abilities Division” or “Qual,” which verifies results and corrects wrongs; “Debugging,” or breaking down one’s obstacles. It would also tag of us as “Suppressive People,” or these that, in the phrases of Hubbard, behold “to suppress, or squash, any betterment activity or community.” 

rededicated themselves to exposing the Church of Scientology’s alleged abuses, say that study technology is a back-door way of getting people into Scientology. ” data-reactid=”69″ type=”text”>Leah Remini and Mike Rinder, two used high-rating Scientologists (Rinder used to be their ex-spokesman and senior executive) who’ve rededicated themselves to exposing the Church of Scientology’s alleged abuses, exclaim that see technology is a abet-door technique of getting of us into Scientology. 

“L. Ron Hubbard’s see technology is a system of infiltrating areas of society: governments, colleges, politics. That is pursuant to Hubbard’s policies on ‘allying’ organizations and teams to legitimize Scientology, and likewise as a first step in getting extra of his ‘technology’ into employ,” Remini and Rinder suggested me in a assertion. “The conception that is that whenever you’ll want to even obtain any person to employ one bit of the ‘tech’ they’ll most seemingly be so impressed by it that they would possibly be able to wish to search out out extra of his ‘tech.’ That is roofed broadly by Hubbard in his ‘Public Family’ policies, significantly in one he titled, ‘The Public Characterize.’ And so you know, he directed that his ‘see tech’ be ‘secularized’ so it could possibly possibly presumably be offered to authorities companies and public colleges without working afoul of the separation of church and verbalize doctrine in the U.S.—and so the front organizations established to operate this (in this case, Applied Scholastics Worldwide) could presumably be ready to acquire authorities grants.” 

Scientologist Tom Cruise attends the grand opening of Applied Scholastics International’s new headquarters on July 26, 2003, in St.Louis, Missouri. Applied Scholastics is a Scientology-affiliated group.

Mark Mainz/Getty


Scientologist Tom Cruise attends the sizable opening of Applied Scholastics Worldwide’s unique headquarters on July 26, 2003, in St.Louis, Missouri. Applied Scholastics is a Scientology-affiliated community.

Mark Mainz/Getty

Certainly, Hubbard once wrote that see technology is Scientology’s “predominant bridge to society.” In the U.S. it is miles practiced in the Delphi Schools, a name of private colleges at some stage in the country which have managed to acquire see technology licensed by regulators by claiming it is miles a nondenominational “supplementary textual exclaim material.” 

“Scientologists who don’t wish to reach abet handsome out and exclaim they’re (or have been) Scientologists on the total downplay their affiliation by announcing things cherish: ‘We expect L. Ron Hubbard’s technology on how to see and be taught is one thing we came upon very worthwhile’ to steer obvious of having to answer to right away about their involvement in Scientology,” Remini and Rinder attain. 

Plus, Olivier claims rather a lot of the younger students at New Village Leadership Academy have been acknowledged to be aggravated by the obstacles placed on their studying thru see technology.  

In accordance to used lecturers and directors, there used to be a “culture clash” between the non-Scientologist lecturers employed by Olivier, who’ve been reluctant to employ see technology, and the Scientologist ones appointed by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. 

“There used to be quick clashing, on memoir of you’ll want to even’t employ see technology with kids. We had about 65 kids there [at New Village Leadership Academy], and every time a limited of 1 yawned they acknowledged it used to be a ‘misunderstood word.’” 

This conception of “word clearing,” or interpreting the “misunderstood word,” is the largest “barrier to see” of Hubbard’s see technology.

Olivier recalls being repeatedly approached by younger kids at New Village Leadership Academy who’ve been aggravated by its “word clearing” workout routines. 

“It used to be extra cherish a babysitting exercise—for the reason that kids weren’t listening, and there used to be no structured curriculum,” adds Jawaharlal. “You would prefer to have some path. A 7-twelve months-used doesn’t know what’s handsome or what’s depraved. It wasn’t a rigorous program. In the name of ‘creativity,’ they have been right letting the kids operate despite they need. However the major [Olivier] used to be truly attempting onerous.”

The college opened its doorways in August of 2008; by November, Olivier began voicing her factors with see technology to the Smiths. 

“I acknowledged to Jada, ‘It’s stopping and initiating. They’ll’t switch ahead and the entire lot is slowed down.’ They’d have fifth graders reading second-grade topic material—right one paragraph, on memoir of they would stop at every word,” says Olivier. “And in math, you couldn’t even operate 2+2 till you understood the word ‘plus’ and ‘equal,’ and I realize luminous your vocabulary, but then they’d the kids ‘obvious’ every word in the mathematics thesaurus sooner than they even did any math! How will you perceive what the word ‘averaging’ technique sooner than you’ve even realized averaging?”

Plus, as Olivier tells it, fogeys began catching wind of the Scientology teachings at New Village Leadership Academy and pulling their kids from the college. 

“There have been a few fogeys who truly bought vocal, and have been cherish, ‘That is Scientology!’ after which their kids left the college,” says Olivier. “[Will & Jada] right didn’t realize that no-one must head to a Scientology college—significantly whenever you’re not admitting that that’s what it is miles.” 

The complications proved insurmountable for Olivier, who left the college on the cease of her first twelve months. On the time, the Smiths insisted that it had nothing to operate

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