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Celebrity Culture: Paul, Timothy, and Podcasts

Celebrity Culture: Paul, Timothy, and Podcasts

Celebrity Culture:

Celebrity Culture:

This sponsored put up invites you to revel in filled with life discussions with primarily the most revered lecturers from Westminster’s contemporary MinistryNetwork.

Paul and Timothy loved a definite relationship. In 2 Timothy 1:4, Paul writes: “As I be conscious your tears, I prolonged to perceive you, that I would possibly presumably well moreover very smartly be stuffed with pleasure.”

Paul didn’t factual educate Timothy. He embraced his younger non secular son with care, honesty, and vulnerability. Timothy knew what made Paul, Paul. That’s just mentorship—a reward that many of us in ministry lack.

We perceive up to the Paul-love lecturers of on the present time. We hearken to their talks, apply their ministries, and be taught their books. In our celeb-driven culture, these lecturers repeatedly appear excellent and untouchable. It’s easy to forget Spurgeon’s phrases: “Is it not a unfamiliar component that every time God technique to make a man gargantuan, He continuously first breaks him in pieces?”

Timothy had the privilege of witnessing the particular person within the help of Paul’s apostolic persona. What if folks on the present time had a a related replacement with up-to-the-minute lecturers?

That’s the honest of the Ministry Network Podcast. A week, our visitors share their experience and provide a small window into their skedaddle in ministry. Every episode is filled with transferring theology, excellent counsel, and genuine-existence tales regarding the fun and trials of existence within the church.


  • Steven Lawson on Preaching (audio, video)
  • Steven Lawson on Making ready Sermons (audio, video)
  • Joe Novenson on the Energy of Prayer (audio, video)
  • Joe Novenson on Prayer for the Downcast (audio, video)
  • Paul Washer on Conviction (audio, video)
  • Paul Washer on Combating Discouragement (audio, video)
  • Rosaria Butterfield on Hospitality (audio, video)
  • Rosaria Butterfield on COVID-19 (audio, video)
  • Rachael Denhollander on Church Abuse (audio, video)
  • Rachael Denhollander on Justice, Forgiveness, and Nassar (audio, video)

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