Celebrity Culture: Sufjan Stevens calls Oscars performance “one of the most traumatizing experiences of my entire life”

Celebrity Culture: Sufjan Stevens calls Oscars performance “one of the most traumatizing experiences of my entire life”

Celebrity Culture:

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Sufjan Stevens made all americans cry with his performance of “Mystery Of Love” on the 90th Academy Awards, however nobody, it seems, used to be weeping more durable than the songwriter used to be on the interior. In a fresh interview with The Guardian pegged to his mesmerizing fresh album, The Ascension, Stevens called the evening “one in every of primarily the most traumatizing experiences of my complete life.”

“I didn’t are looking out to personal the relaxation to decide on up with that world and that custom,” he acknowledged of the Hollywood A-listers for whom he used to be crooning. “I don’t are looking out to be fragment of any room fleshy of adults hemming and hawing over plastic trophies.” No longer divulge to pause there, he dubbed the Oscars “a horrifying Scientology discontinue-of-yr hobble” representative of “every thing I abhor about The United States and widespread custom.”

This might perhaps perhaps well sound jarring even as you occur to’re simplest aware of Stevens’ bubbly, primarily feel-smartly suited Illinois tracks, on the choice hand it tracks with his most modern comments—“I’m inherently a pessimist,” he suggested The Atlantic earlier this month—and with the subject matters of The Ascension, an album rooted in effort over the affect movie wide name savor has had on American politics. “What offers me hope? Oh God. Diazepam! Lithium!” he cracked to The Guardian.

Stevens moreover addressed the “naivety” of his shiny-eyed, bushy-tailed early work, smirkingly noting, “Abilities makes fools of us all.”

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He persevered: “There used to be a hopefulness, joyfulness and playfulness to a entire lot of those early records that’s been slowly receding over time. It’s onerous for me to say for it because it’s took dwelling so step by step, love looking out at a tree develop. But you birth to lose faith in the structures of society as you was outdated, and I center of attention on that’s coming to the ground now.” To say we expose might perhaps perhaps be an understatement.

In peppier files, Stevens has spent lockdown engaged on fresh song that, per the paper, will “be one more left flip in a profession fleshy of them.” Very finest don’t expect a pop crossover. “I don’t personal the structure for one thing love that. If Kanye calls, I’m no longer house, OK?” he acknowledged.

Revisit his beautiful “Mystery Of Love” Oscars performance below, preferably whereas imagining the lightning-lit cloud of disdain that used to be storming through his guts the total time.

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