Celebrity Fitness: Salma Hayek Turns 54!

Celebrity Fitness: Salma Hayek Turns 54!

Celebrity Fitness:


Salma Hayek posted this sizzling pic of herself with the caption asserting she turns 54 the following day and clearly she’s very at ease regarding the come she looks.

She additionally made a level of claiming that the image is fresh, no longer some throwback pic that she is attempting to pass off as fresh. All of it makes very finest sense to me, she needs to be hyped on herself, I imply she’s Salma Hayek. Iconic and she’s hasn’t extinct so rotten both!

I imply with modern science, nutrition, treatment, properly being, your complete other costly tricks of the commerce that a person of her stature can EASILY beget ample cash, I imply she’s been vastly profitable in her have honest, but her husband is a billionaire, it be exhausting to advise how whether or no longer her rising old so properly is an achievement or a Christmas present, but I assume all that goes out the window and would now not topic after we’re fans of her work and cherish a reminder in a bathing suit every infrequently, because above all else, she’s rather impressive.

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