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Celebrity Culture: Adele stirs cultural appropriation controversy wearing Bantu knots in latest photo

Celebrity Culture: Adele stirs cultural appropriation controversy wearing Bantu knots in latest photo

Celebrity Culture:

Revealed 8: 27 a.m. ET Aug. 31, 2020 | Up previously 1: 53 p.m. ET Aug. 31, 2020


Adele says Glennon Doyle’s memoir, “Untamed” helped her trace her have happiness. The author thanked Adele on Instagram.


Adele is stirring controversy after posting an Instagram wearing Bantu knots, a inclined African coiffure.

In the relate, the singer, 32, is wearing the coiffure while wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top, immense gold jewellery, yellow feathers and black and white leggings.

“Pleased what would be Notting Hill Carnival my beloved London 🇬🇧🇯🇲” she captioned the relate, referencing the carnival that most steadily takes location all the map in which thru this time as a model to private an even time Caribbean culture and cultural vary.

The put up has gained plenty of attention, garnering over 4 million likes. The reactions vary from celeb beef up to accusations of cultural appropriation.

Just a few of her superstar supporters contain actress Lisa Rinna, who wrote, “You excellent broke that net Henny. 💖🙌🏼” 

Model Naomi Campbell shared some hearts and Jamaican flags: “♥️🇯🇲♥️🇯🇲”

Chelsea Handler wrote, “Oh, yeah, child!”

Zoe Saldana wrote, “You gape correct at dwelling guurrrl”

Tessa Thompson shared a fireplace emoji.

Others, then once more, are telling her “Any individual Recognize You” have to no longer be wearing the coiffure.

Rush queen The Vixen tweeted, “Twice this weekend I even private seen other folks create backflips to defend white ladies in Bantu Knots. Whereas you spent the total summer season posting #blacklivesmatter and don’t glimpse the issue here, you had been lying the total time.”

User @sadhanamoodley wrote, “Seriously Adele… It is most reasonable to know better.”

Journalist Ernest Owens tweeted, “If 2020 couldn’t gather anymore bizarre, Adele is giving us Bantu knots and cultural appropriation that no-one asked for. This officially marks all the head white ladies in pop as problematic. Abominate to glimpse it.”

Some cheered Adele on in the advise section for cultural appreciation: “Ppl do no longer know what cultural appropriation is, she’s obviously celebrating a Carribbean competition, in an appropriate outfit for that competition. She’s no longer wearing Bantu knots and feathers to transfer to the ocean crawl on account of or no longer it’s if truth be told in model,” individual @kyrstldp wrote.

Others simply expressed shock or confusion.

“Here is if truth be told elegant… when did @Adele change into @katyperry?” Piers Morgan tweeted.

“This one year excellent won’t let up,” author and poet Saeed Jones tweeted with Adele’s relate. “I am confusion.”

“how are non-Jamaicans getting inflamed at Adele when Jamaicans aren’t even inflamed themselves. Here is strange carnival attire. Let Adele recount HELLO PON DI ADA SIDE,” individual @amouraals tweeted.

And a few broke down why they felt it was once cultural appropriation. 

“I specialize in the issue is no longer whether or no longer Adele has if truth be told APPROPRIATED culture. It’s extra the those who are up her bottom for having a classic coiffure that wouldn’t gather the identical reaction if on a black girl,” individual @yahaelco explained. “Why is a white girl in a self-discipline to gather away with a coiffure and wants to be ‘given a fracture’ she’s letting free and appreciating culture and might perchance well peaceable be taken seriously at the same time as a black girl is no longer and has been told for years to adapt to western magnificence standards to be seen as equal and even after conforming is peaceable handled no longer up to, I’m able to glimpse the frustration.”

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