Celebrity Beauty: ‘Big Brother Naija’: Nigeria’s unlikely public relations campaign?

Celebrity Beauty: ‘Big Brother Naija’: Nigeria’s unlikely public relations campaign?

Celebrity Beauty:

Every unique season of Nigeria’s fact TV show screen, ‘Mammoth Brother Naija’ (BB Naija), comes loaded with controversy. No topic keeping five editions since 2006, the show screen continues to polarise conception within the continent. Conservatives oppose it as ‘nasty’ and showcasing values that are ‘un-African’. Protagonists celebrate it as staunch TV area topic, possessing big leisure imprint.

Mammoth Brother Naija is a popular fact show screen by which contestants dwell in an isolated condominium and compete for a sizable cash prize worth over $180,000. The winner gets your total cash by warding off being evicted by viewers and housemates. Filled with many of activities, including parties and community obligations, the show screen attracts criticism for its occasional raunchy episodes.

We performed a gaze to study the benefits of BBNaija for Nigeria, beyond its leisure imprint. We wanted to check how BBNaija has improved the portrayal of Nigeria’s image in yet every other nation. Our findings counsel that the show screen promotes Nigeria’s culture, and within the extinguish the foreign protection aim of fostering the goodwill of oldsters in Africa and beyond.

For this gaze we analysed files from social media posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well to secondary sources of information including newspaper publications, journal articles, and extra.

Celebrity Beauty: Nigeria’s image laundry?

BBNaija is aired by DSTV, a South African satellite tv for computer tv company, and beamed dwell to an target audience in forty nine African states. No topic criticisms, the show screen remains popular among younger other folks in Nigeria and beyond. Utilizing concepts from social media platforms, equivalent to Facebook and Twitter, we gauged the recognition of BBNaija among younger other folks. Childhood are engaged on-line, on a popular basis sharing comments, sizzling-takes and highlights of the show screen by the utilization of social media.

The recognition of BBNaija in yet every other nation is ample for it to be regarded as Nigeria’s simplest public family people campaign. Here’s on epic of, all the design via the show screen, global viewers are drawn in by the drama, while receiving exposure to native cultural ingredients. From song, to conventional of living and the intersections between popular culture and diverse sectors, every part is laid bare. By showcasing this culture, the show screen helps promote a obvious image of Nigeria to the comfort of the realm.

Celebrity Beauty: Music enterprise attend

The Nigerian song enterprise is a core beneficiary of the continental unfold of BBNaija. Nigerian song is idea of as the halt genre of pop in sub-Saharan Africa, ensuing from its ubiquity. A little bit of that dominance would possibly perchance presumably even be ascribed to BBNaija. All thanks to an early resolution made by the pioneer producers of the show screen, which ensured that simplest Nigerian song was played for the length of the first edition in 2006.

Celebrity Beauty:
Mammoth Brother Naija Season 5 contestants celebration within the first week of their acceptance into the home.

In an interview with Pulse, leisure tycoon Obi Asika, a BBNaija pioneer producer, explains how the Nigerian song enterprise gained inroads on the continent from the first BBNaija show screen. Fourteen years later, that relationship between native song and fact TV is mute rewarding creatives.

As a result of a strict ‘Nigerian songs simplest’ rule on this type of popular show screen, Nigeria’s song enterprise repeatedly had a continental promotional outlet. 1000’s and thousands of African BBNaija viewers are continuously exposed to Nigerian song. Many are remodeled to fans.

Celebrity Beauty: Social media proliferation

Social media is mainly the most attention-grabbing driver for BBNaija’s dominance. For our gaze, we bought a relative measure of viewership via comments made on social media by viewers in Nigeria and diverse ingredients of the realm. Viewers’ messages are moreover on a popular basis broadcast as teletext on the show screen, offering precious insight into the unfold of its target audience.

Social media offers an conception of the recognition and acceptance of BBNaija among younger other folks on the continent. We examined comments posted on Twitter and Facebook for the length of the dwell airing of the show screen. We moreover tracked conversations by the utilization of the #bbnaija hashtag and others.

These conversations point out a total pattern: Tweets about #bbnaija and diverse linked hashtags are among the many halt trending subject issues on African Twitter on every occasion the show screen is aired. These tweets infrequently destroy into the worldwide Twitter style list, powered by viewers in Nigeria and across the continent.

For nationals of diverse African international locations, the enchantment of following BBNaija was repeatedly deeper than campaigning for their favourite housemates to manual distinct of eviction. Foreign places viewers absorbed diverse cultural ingredients of the nation. Many on a popular basis tweet by incorporating Nigerian slang and phrases into their posts to reflect cultural assimilation.

Per the unfold of the show screen by the utilization of social media, beforehand imprecise BBNaija housemates continuously attain considerable person space and remark a predominant fan unsuitable across the continent. Before their look on the show screen, these housemates lacked this stage of visibility. Their meteoric expand in Instagram and Twitter followers serves to measure boost in their fan unsuitable.

Celebrity Beauty: Foreign places protection

Our gaze reveals that BBNaija is a soft energy resource. When effectively deployed, it is going to even be a critical tool in projecting Nigeria’s foreign protection targets by attracting Africans, even within the diaspora.

The show screen moreover confers admire on Nigeria. By design of the unconscious association of the ‘Mammoth Brother’ with Nigeria, there would possibly perchance be a refined affirmation of Nigeria’s ‘gigantic brother’ honorific space within the hearts of viewers across the continent. The show screen moreover represents yet every other avenue to counter negative stereotypes about Nigeria. It’s a critical re-imaging tool for the nation.

As well, the nation records features from the recognition of the show screen’s extinct housemates who became influential celebrities with fans and supporters from all varied ingredients of the continent. If ever Nigeria wants considerable person diplomacy, BBNaija has a pool of candidates.

Celebrity Beauty: Significance

It’s 2020 and states are realising that correct energy resides beyond defense power can also. Gentle energy can moreover force style and regional dominance. BBNaija and the Nigerian creative enterprise in popular offer a platform for Nigeria to retell its anecdote to Africa and the realm.

Sadly, policymakers within the nation are yet to think the limitless doable of Nigeria’s leisure sector for thr nation’s global image. When this happens, and the show screen gets deliberate utter enhance, there’s no ending to the benefits of this type of marriage.

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