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Celebrity Charity: Colton Underwood Calls Out Bachelor Producers, Details “Depression and Anxiety” in Shocking Interview

Celebrity Charity: Colton Underwood Calls Out Bachelor Producers, Details “Depression and Anxiety” in Shocking Interview

Celebrity Charity:

All thru his time as The Bachelor, Colton Underwood used to be a infamous virgin who had no longer but had sexual intercourse.

Now, on the different hand, in an explosive recent interview, the truth huge title has BLASTED franchise producers for the total techniques they allegedly f–ked him over.

The 28-one year extinct ancient soccer player went there all the blueprint in which thru an look on a podcast hosted by Bachelor Nation educated Reality Steve.

All thru this alternate, Colton detailed his “falling out” with the truth TV franchise, even alleging that producers took “relieve” of and “abused” ex-girlfriend Cassie Randolph all the blueprint in which thru her July look on a Most attention-grabbing Seasons Ever episode.

On the different hand, sooner than revealing precisely why he is “no longer in an actual pickle” with this system, Underwood outlined how greatly his psychological health suffered because the show.

Taking under consideration support to a February 2019 incident whereby a female fan allegedly groped him at a charity match, Colton acknowledged:

“I swish undergo in mind feeling so powerless and take care of this form of portion of meat,” he acknowledged on air.

“That for me used to be a huge turning point in my psychological health, of take care of, ‘Wow, I invent no longer have faith any clue what I’m in for merely now.’ And it acquired moderately imperfect. It acquired sad.”

Yikes, man.

Things most productive acquired worse from there for Colton after he wrapped manufacturing on his season of The Bachelor, within the raze came face-to-face with the “magnitude” of his rapid stardom.

All thru a focus on over with to Las Vegas with Jason Tartick and Blake Horstmann, Underwood acknowledged he attended a concert where viewers were merely all over him.

This ended in a couple excessive fear any time Colton went out in public.

“I had so grand fear and so grand depression that I was take care of, throughout the majority of my season [airing], I was moderately heavily medicated. I’m no longer gonna lie,” Colton confessed.

“I was taking remedy for fear and for depression all the blueprint in which thru the total total season.”

Must you undergo in mind, Underwood did seem a tad panicked all the blueprint in which thru his speed.

At one point, he famously ran some distance from the camera and jumped over a fence to fetch some privacy.

Underwood has tried to withhold his distance from The Bachelor since his stint concluded.

“There is swish been too many things that I’ve learned out about, and that has came about, for me to feel soft working with them once more on a legit stage, no longer even non-public,” Colton outlined.

For a present instance?

Colton is pissed over the manner Chris Harrison handled Randolph when she agreed to sit down down for a digital interview this summer.

Her remarks about their Could well merely breakup sparked a social media feud between the exes, but Colton insisted he used to be most productive taking aim at those wbo situation up the actual.

“Cass stayed extraordinarily legit and extraordinarily restful about our breakup, which I was so elated and grateful for,” he acknowledged.

“I even texted her. I acknowledged, man, I take care of that. Delight in, thanks. What bugged me used to be the truth that the show took relieve of her.”

He persevered:

“I fetch very defensive over folks I take care of, and I know Cass is a huge lady and he or she may perchance battle her be pleased battles.

‘But I swish know her heart and he or she would no longer are attempting to rock the boat.

“And he or she loves folks even if they abuse her, or even if they procure relieve of her, which is what they did.”

Colton came down with the coronavirus a couple months ago and recovered at Cassie’s fogeys’ house.

Gorgeous just a few weeks later, he and his chosen suitor ended their two-one year romance, seemingly on amicable phrases — until the aforementioned support-and-forth.

Underwood, meanwhile, in actuality went after Harrison on this podcast.

It be arduous to have faith almost any other Bachelor alum ever attacking the widespread host, but…

“And then you have faith Chris Harrison pointing questions announcing, ‘I sense you invent no longer are attempting to develop Colton wrathful otherwise you’re nervous you’re going to upset Colton,” he acknowledged.

“It be take care of, ‘No, Chris. I literally talked to her the morning of that interview. We’re precise.’

“Dwell anxious about me or portray me to be this controlling or inflamed particular person. I’m no longer inflamed. If there is anybody I’m upset about or upset with it is you guys.

“You may perchance well also very smartly be going to have faith my ex on the show over your lead, which I totally fetch. We’re no longer in an actual pickle, you know.”

Colton and Cassie haven’t equipped up many significant facets relating to their breakup, but the offended celeb did verify that it had nothing to invent with hypothesis over infidelity or his sexuality.

“Practically those rumors, I addressed it moderately heavily within the e book and I’ve gone thru it throughout my total total lifestyles,” Underwood acknowledged.

“And naturally it would no longer support being on a nationwide stage for the psychological health aspect. However the backside line is I’m no longer homosexual.

“I with out a doubt have faith esteem and succor for anybody within the LGBTQ neighborhood and succor that, and esteem is esteem at the pause of the day.”

Concluded the outspoken ex-Bachelor anchor:

“I’m form of ancient to it at this point, but I invent no longer reflect I’m ever going to present an actual sufficient resolution.

“I’m continuously going to almost feel take care of I’m on protection doubtlessly for a with out a doubt very long time.”

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