Celebrity Travel: Celebrity, Fly Thyself: Cirrus Aircraft’s Star Connection

Celebrity Travel: Celebrity, Fly Thyself: Cirrus Aircraft’s Star Connection

Celebrity Travel:

It comes as no surprise that some entertainers and pro athletes, after having fun with the perks of high quality and inside of most jet walk back and forth, every so veritably obtain a hankering to spin from the plush cabin to the technical cockpit. Oscar-winner John Travolta is famously the Obi-Wan Kenobi of wide name pilots, but his passion in flying pre-dates his fame. Whereas other children were taking half in “law enforcement officials and robbers” in his suburban Unusual Jersey fatherland, he roped his associates into taking half in “airport” in his driveway and extinct his early pay days from Welcome Aid, Kotter to pay for flying classes. Travolta flies his occupy swiftly of airplane, which integrated a normal Qantas-liveried Boeing 707 till he donated it to an Australian airplane historical society. 

Celebrity Travel: John Travolta in pilot uniform at Qantas event

Qantas Ambassador John Travolta arrives at Qantas’ ninetieth birthday celebrations at Melbourne … [+] Tullamarine Airport. (Record by Mike Flokis/Getty Photos)

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Nevertheless, in line with multiple aviation alternate publications, wide name pilots take care of Angelina Jolie (and her then-husband Brad Pitt), main leaguer Ken Griffey, Jr., singers Tim McGraw and Dierks Bentley and other notables savor regarded to Duluth, Minn., airframer Cirrus Plane to acquire late the stick. No longer handiest for the worth, capabilities and magnificence of its turboprops and inside of most jets, but additionally for the reason that firm is an innovator in all-in-one airplane need. You no longer handiest obtain the airplane, but additionally the pilot flight coaching, airplane kind certification coaching, maintenance and airplane management products and services that manufacture possession seamless as soon as you be half of the Cirrus family.

SR22 and SR22T

Celebrity Travel: Sundown picture of a Cirrus S22 airplane in flight.

Cirrus Plane’s SR22 single-engine is liked by VIP and wide name pilots.


Cirrus’ trim single-prop airplane line facets a helpful cabin structure for a single-engine, four- or 5-seat airplane, at exact-over four-feet wide and exact over four-feet sizable, and with more consideration to detail and opulent than the frequent minute airplane (mediate top payment leather-based completely mostly seats and cutting-edge on-board skills). A 310hp Continental engine delivers a maximum cruise hump of 183 ktas (210 mph) for the SR22, and the turbo-prop SR22T sister u.s.a.these specs to 315hp and a 213 ktas (245 mph) max cruise hump, as well as amping up other efficiency specs. Both craft feature an queer airframe parachute safety arrangement, as well, referred to as CAPS. The SR22 sports actions a 1,169NM (1,345 statute miles) maximum range on identical outdated missions (bridging cities take care of Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas and Unusual York Metropolis and Miami, as an illustration). Thanks to gasoline employ to vitality the turbo, the SR22T a little bit drops that maximum range to 1,021 NM (1175 statute miles). Pricing can differ on program alternate choices and customization, but nasty impress for the SR22 is $629,000 and $729,900 for the SR22T. 

Imaginative and prescient Jet

Celebrity Travel: Two ravishing private inside of most jets flying.

Two Cirrus Plane Imaginative and prescient Jet “private inside of most jets” to find flight.

Courtesy of Cirrus Plane

Launched in 2016, Cirrus’ Imaginative and prescient Jet is a factual “private inside of most jet” powered by a thrumming Williams International FJ33-5A jet engine riding high-of-physique between a sexy damage up rear tail. This screamer can manufacture 311 ktas (358 mph) and its 5- by four-foot inappropriate piece and its 30.7-foot length can accommodate 2 in the cockpit and up to four passengers in the style of style you’d accomplice with greater inside of most jets. The 1,275NM (1,467 statute miles) maximum range makes it a sturdy flyer for regional-plus missions, and the CAPS safety arrangement and extra protection skills is integrated right here, as well. Again, prices can differ on this system and customization you savor chose, but $1.ninety six million is the starting point.

Celebrity Travel: Two enterprise folks at work inside of a Cirrus inside of most jet.

The graceful cabin inside of of the Imaginative and prescient Jet private inside of most jet from Cirrus Plane

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