Celebrity Charity: Logan Paul Amps Up the Cringe to Steal Spotlight After Jake’s FBI Raid

Celebrity Charity: Logan Paul Amps Up the Cringe to Steal Spotlight After Jake’s FBI Raid

Celebrity Charity:

  • Logan Paul became a Twitter trending subject earlier currently.
  • He secured one more 15 minutes in the spotlight after attractive influencers to a wrestling match.
  • Amid an endemic, the absolute final ingredient anyone wants is stout contact with a YouTube “superstar” desperate for any shred of relevance.

Logan Paul proved definitively that douchebaggery runs in the family.

In what can handiest be described as a spectacularly cringy methodology to glance attention, Paul challenged his fellow “influencers” to a wrestling match. He dangled a $10,000 purse as an incentive.

There isn’t any longer any shortage of of us that desire the prospect to beat Logan Paul up for free – influencer or no longer. | Offer: Twitter

Whereas it’s absolutely a testomony to the “vitality” of big name that there became no shortage of offers, it’s even extra vital that Paul is appropriate as worthy of an attention whore – if no longer extra so – as his brother, Jake.

Celebrity Charity: Logan Paul Is Desperately Begging for Relevance

Let’s all undergo in tips why we know the name “Logan Paul” in the first set: on tale of that disgraceful “suicide woodland video” he released help in 2018.

You may possibly likely well likely deem that point and age would trigger Paul to old, but you’d be unhealthy. If the leisure, he’s handiest gotten worse as the years contain improved.

Video: Logan Paul addresses the FBI raid on brother Jake’s residence.

That’s why it’s no longer beautiful that appropriate days after the FBI raided his brother’s residence, Logan desperately schemed to be obvious that he became the Paul man-dinky one making headlines currently.

It didn’t clutch prolonged for other folks clutch him up on the offer – including a historical MMA champion and Olympic wrestler, who promised to clutch him down, “spoiled hip and all.”

Any individual must traipse attempting an ex-Olympic wrestler beat up the YouTuber, spoiled hip and all? | Offer: Twitter

It’s likely no longer keep when of us are lining up to beat the brakes off of you. I reveal whereas you’re an attention whore take care of Logan Paul, any publicity is fantastic publicity.

Celebrity Charity: None of This Paul Family Drama Is Wanted

Fully nothing about all this Paul family drama is severe. | Offer: Michael Reaves/Getty Pictures/AFP

What’s most crucial about this most modern stunt by Logan Paul is how needless it if truth be told is.

He doesn’t contain the leisure of substance to promote.

He’s no longer elevating money for charity.

He isn’t even attempting to give help to the neighborhood that has given him so worthy, at the same time as they’re tormented by a rash of unemployment, COVID-19 diagnoses, and all forms of assorted issues this pandemic has brought on.

Video: Logan Paul became a tight wrestler help in the day – allegedly

There is de facto no trigger of Logan Paul – or his equally unpleasant brother Jake – to be in the spotlight.

Thanks, 2020.

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