Celebrity Charity: Koalas of NYC: Koalas of NYC

Celebrity Charity: Koalas of NYC: Koalas of NYC

Celebrity Charity:


In the summertime of 2019/2020, Australia was once ravaged by its worst bushfire season on document. 1 billion of the country’s piquant vegetation and fauna, killed. To join Unique Yorkers to this heartbreaking tragedy, Koalas of NYC was once born. An initiative designed to evoke compassion and empathy thru a compelling storytelling mechanism, went viral in decrease than a month. In January 2020, plush koalas maintain been positioned in well-known locations in every single place in the build Unique York City. Linked to the koalas was once a QR code directing other folks to donate to Australia’s kindly vegetation and fauna rescue and rehabilitation charity, WIRES. Koalas of NYC then took the realm by storm. The campaign was once championed by followers in London, LA, Las Vegas, and former from other folks in every single place in the build bringing the initiative to their enjoy metropolis. Voluntary star enhance incorporated Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes, Lewis Hamilton and Lewis Capaldi. With over forty celebrities, 152 news outlets and ongoing fundraising events worldwide, Koalas of NYC captured the hearts and minds of advocates from in every single place in the build.

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