Celebrity Charity: Celtics’ Enes Kanter Talks NBA Bubble, GOAT, Russell Westbrook in B/R AMA

Celebrity Charity: Celtics’ Enes Kanter Talks NBA Bubble, GOAT, Russell Westbrook in B/R AMA

Celebrity Charity:

Celebrity Charity: Boston Celtics heart Enes Kanter holds a ball at some level of warmups earlier than the open of an NBA basketball sport against the Atlanta Hawks, Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, in Boston. (AP Portray/Mary Schwalm)

Mary Schwalm/Associated Press

Boston Celtics heart Enes Kanter has carved out a protracted NBA occupation as a scoring astronomical man, however he is moreover taken on a a should always-contain feature as an outspoken political command in the fight for human rights in Turkey. 

All the contrivance through the NBA hiatus, Kanter persisted his activism by launching a campaign for political prisoners in Turkey. 

Kanter and his Celtics teammates contain taken part in the NBA’s leaguewide circulation for social justice in the US since the season resumed July 30. 

Taking time from his busy agenda, Kanter sat down with Bleacher Myth for an AMA that hit on plenty of topics. 

The following is the corpulent transcript from the AMA session.

@DekeGeke: Professionals and cons of the NBA bubble?

My popular part is being around my teammates. All the contrivance through quarantine earlier than this, you impart you omit basketball however the object you omit most is being around teammates, having fun and joking. There are now no longer many activities here, however pool, volleyball, golf and fishing and stuff…comely being around them is fun, here’s your family for the next three months. Let’s originate basically the most of it.

I ponder the down part, I’m single and my family assert however having a contain a examine my teammates, some of them contain children, their other halves are pregnant, they’re missing their households. Accept as true with that’s the toughest part, an colossal sacrifice for gamers.

@BayLegend: Who’s the most effective NBA participant of all time?

I ponder I will keep MJ with out a doubt #1. You continuously trail between MJ and LeBron, if they play one on one I will trail LeBron. But overall MJ.

@daprisonmike: Invent you treasure Russell Westbrook?

I contain now no longer realize the hate he gets, man. Of us observe him yelling, however he plays with tons of ardour. I impart this on many retailers, however he is one of my popular teammates of all time. Of us fully observe Russell on the court docket, however off the court docket he is a sparkling teammate, and the entire charity work he is done. I loved twiddling with Russ.

@therealGM: What used to be your “welcome to the league” 2nd in the NBA?

In college I used to be continuously hearing about rookie hazing. After I came to the league, my rookie yr used to be worrying. I carried crimson backpacks, served meals and drinks on the plane. I take into account when I used to be getting showered, and Gordon Hayward hid my clothes and name. The motive used to be because I forgot to lift donuts to put together. Regarded as one of my rookie responsibilities used to be to lift donuts to put together. So one time I forgot, and they had been so furious. In narrate that they hid my clothes and name while I used to be getting showered. Gordon Hayward made this contract that talked about everytime I forgot the donuts, it used to be a $500 pleasing. He actually made me signal this. From that 2nd I by no advance forgot. Gordon and I silent funny narrative about that lately with us each being teammates again.

@Not_JerryJones: If you happen to may per chance well maybe give one share of recommendation to youthful athletes what would or now no longer it be?

Basketball is altering so great. On the court docket, comely work for your fundamentals. Off the court docket, educate your self. Now, if you change into an athlete, you contain gotten got a platform to encourage millions of of us. As soon as they keep the camera or mic for your face and demand you to focus on disorders that topic to the world, you wish as a contrivance to express about a words. Educate your self and check out to encourage as great as you are going to be able to.

@Not_CarsonWentz: What is it treasure twiddling with Jayson Tatum?

It be unbelievable. I’ve performed on tons of varied teams and have not viewed someone compile so quite a bit greater. He used to be enormous marvelous on the starting of the season and marvelous earlier than this bubble. Of us continuously focus on how marvelous of a participant he is on the court docket, however off the court docket he is one of the essential most practical teammates. Always brings energy, pure management, tries to originate his teammates greater. I ponder in about a years he is gonna be in the MVP conversation.

@noyou123: How is Kemba’s knee doing?

It be marvelous, getting therapy. Pretty now we clearly need him for the playoffs, surely flawed. He is one of our leaders. He is doing marvelous, I contain now no longer ponder the fans ought to be timid. That’s Kemba Walker, on every occasion he goes out, he takes over.

@BayLegend: Who’s the funniest participant on the Celtics?

Grant Williams. He is a rookie however what he brings to the desk is so great, now no longer comely on the court docket however off. He continuously brings certain energy, smiles, jokes around and stuff.

@GoIrish9: Who’s the toughest team/participant to trail against in the NBA?

To me, if you contain now no longer depend this yr, in old years it used to be with out a doubt Golden Pronounce. I lost the Western Conference Finals twice with OKC and Portland. But the toughest participant to guard may per chance well very successfully be James Harden…coming into into between James and Giannis. But I will more than seemingly derive James Harden.

@MakeWay4Zion: What’s it treasure twiddling with Tacko Drop?

First time I watched Tacko in summer season league, I used to be treasure, this dude goes to be a rockstar. No longer a celeb, a rockstar. His personality, persona is so humble and down to earth. Playing against him, of us contain now no longer know what he is succesful of on the court docket. He is a surely, wise basketball participant. He used to be undrafted, however of us contain now no longer understand how marvelous he is. With more expertise and self belief, he’ll with out a doubt compile essential minutes in the league.

@yaakgma: One participant to dunk on who would or now no longer it be?

Doubtlessly Steven Adams. Everytime I’m going against him, he talks tons of trash.

@JPParker21: How does it surely feel in case you are going to also very successfully be walking down the avenue being 6’10”?

Every so assuredly there are moments you contain now no longer wish to be viewed or diagnosed. As a PG or SG you are going to be able to per chance compile away with it, however in case you are going to also very successfully be 6’Eleven walking on the avenue, there’s no longer any system of hiding. Nonetheless it be part of it. I realize how fans surely feel. It used to be treasure when I met my idol, The Undertaker. After I met him my knees had been shaking.

@CrazyPacersFan: Who contain you seen is the most practical astronomical man of all time?

Hakeem. What he did on and off the court docket, his post strikes, footwork, comely so unbelievable. I watched his 30 for 30 on ESPN and used to be so inspired.

@yaakgma: Favourite 2nd on the Knicks?

The Christmas sport. We lost it, however seeing that vibe used to be unbelievable. Especially if you play for the Knicks and you observe the entire superstar rows. A number of the video games you stop playing and comely leer at who came lately. Shakira came, Jimmy Fallon came, Ben Stiller came, Tracy Morgan came, Ronaldo came. So I’m treasure oh man this ought to be my popular town of all time. The vibe is surely my popular. We would focus on over with the celebrities after if we won the sport.

@JayB_JayT_FTW: What’s the Celtics perfect weak spot if any?

We’re a surely younger, proficient team. I have not viewed any weaknesses in us however I surely feel treasure we would like to comely focal level on us, now no longer let any individual distract us or our targets. Moral exit there and focal level on what we would like to contain.

@GC215: What is your popular part about playing in Boston?

You play for a championship every yr. Boston is so unbelievable, now no longer comely basketball however soccer, hockey, this and that. Fans keep a question to of to trail to Finals every yr, you wish to lift your A sport every sport. That’s one of basically the most fun substances, the culture.

@Celtic777Nation: What is your popular restaurant in Boston?

Boston is a surely worldwide metropolis, so there’s meals and cultures from at some level of the world. There is this one Turkish restaurant, very high class, very marvelous Turkish meals. I took Tacko there too and he loved it.

@DekeGeke: Who’s your superstar crush?

I contain now no longer ponder I’ve ever had a celeb crush.

@HotelTrivago: What used to be your popular cheat meal you contain gotten got ever eaten over the route of your occupation?

I ponder one time I pleasing great…it used to be too great…burgers, pizza, scorching canines, sushi in the identical meal. I ponder i received around 5-6 kilos after one meal. But cheat meals are edifying. Doubtlessly some of my most practical cheat meals are in IHOP.

@BRNFL: Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?


Smartly-liked AMA Questions

What is your popular sport or play of your occupation?

I ponder final yr when Dame hit that crazy shot over Paul George. I contain viewed tons of crazy shots, however that used to be with out a doubt the craziest and most practical one I ever had viewed in the NBA. Of us contain now no longer know, he surely works on that shot quite a bit.

Jog-to pre-sport tune or soundtrack?

We comely listen in on the DJ that day. Within the future it be Kemba, the next it be Tatum or Jaylen. We listen in on whatever they listen in on.

How far contain you seen the moon is from Earth?

Oh man. I by no advance even…i contain now no longer contain any idea. Let me movement.

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