Celebrity Fashion: Celebrity Makeup Artist Scott Barnes Talks Beauty Business And Shares Tips On Creating A Look For Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Fashion: Celebrity Makeup Artist Scott Barnes Talks Beauty Business And Shares Tips On Creating A Look For Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Fashion:

Celebrity Fashion: Scott Barnes

Scott Barnes

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Scott Barnes is a chief person beauty guru that has crafted make-up appears for the likes of Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Gwen Stefani, Penelope Cruz, and Kate Hudson, Whereas studying handsome arts at Parsons College of Originate, the self-taught Los Angeles-based utterly make-up artist got his commence and helped on model shoots and finally labored his technique within the enterprise. His portfolio entails working with celebrities along with Jennifer Lopez and creating her depraved uncover about dubbed “The Glow.”

Who had been you professional by and how did that obtain support form your profession?

 I don’t obtain any formal coaching in make-up artistry.  Having started  as a handsome-arts painter, I changed into as soon as on the entire self-taught. Make-up is however handsome artwork on a a form of canvas, I sculpt and paint the face. I moved to the town in 1984 to wait on Parsons College of Originate and fulfill my dream of changing into a winning handsome arts painter. After Parsons I started helping on model photography shoots, and it changed into as soon as a photographer who suggested I change into a make-up artist. I conception it comic on the time, now not pondering that changed into as soon as what I wanted to cease at all. Nonetheless, I stumbled on I picked it up snappy, and almost as snappy I became one in every of essentially the most wanted make-up artists within the enterprise working with photographers far and big the globe. I changed into as soon as furthermore selected by Shu Uemura to revamp his beauty line, which changed into as soon as a expansive success. Because this journey, I launched my contain twenty-one-share coloration beauty line on QVC
in 2004 which then expanded to luxurious stores and other high-discontinuance strong point boutiques. Thru my intensive profession within the enterprise — working with faces far and big Hollywood, a large need of advert campaigns, tune movies, motion pictures, and journal covers — I perceive which products create and which cease now not.  My profession has led me to ideal and proceed to produce and present a few of essentially the most exciting performing cosmetics within the enterprise. I’m overjoyed with the success of my unusual commence of SMFB Cosmetics and your entire racy things we’ve got on the horizon.

Who inspires you?

Folk that fight for their dreams. Folk which would maybe be tenacious and never quit. In articulate to originate one thing, especially one thing unusual or a form of that has now not been done, you can perhaps perhaps make sure to fail extra than as soon as. You never quit, you are trying over and but again till you succeed. It is the perseverance by design of the onerous experiences that makes you immense. Folk equivalent to Walt Disney
, who needed to file economic extinguish in 1923, then misplaced the rights to a most traditional cartoon creation and most of his staff within the dispute in 1927 sooner than recreating the firm in 1928 and creating the enduring Mickey Mouse. Folk equivalent to Lodz Explain, the creator of Max Explain, who suffered countless setbacks sooner than shifting to Hollywood and turning into a pioneer within the make-up and hair enterprise. These are the folk that encourage me. Helen Keller, every other tenacious fighter if there ever changed into as soon as one, has one in every of my favourite quotes: “Whereas they had been asserting amongst themselves it would possibly most likely’t be done, it changed into as soon as done.” 

Can you allege us about your enterprise and future plans?

SMFB Labs Scott Barnes Cosmetics launched 5 palettes ( two shadow palettes, a contour palette, a blush palette and a highlighter palette ) appropriate sooner than the vacations and the response has been amazing. They are a labor of love and compilation of colours and products I created to make exhaust of on Jennifer everyday. We would maybe be along with to the twin carriageway seasonally, rising core substances and take away restricted edition releases. Within the reach future we are going to seemingly be releasing a thirteen coloration lip gloss line known as Flossy Vivid and a thirteen coloration matte liquid lip line known as Lip Fetish both of which scent esteem cake batter. We can then commence a summer season pill assortment mid July. This is appropriate within the next few months, however we’ve got replacement amazing products coming soon.

World of Dance Undercover agent for Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Fashion: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

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Scott preps skin with La Mer moisturizing skin cream to moisturize. He furthermore makes exhaust of a few a form of approaches in the case of Jennifer’s foundation. On this uncover about, he first goes in with All Nighter Concealer (Vivid Warm) by Metropolis Decay. This concealer is placed under the eyes, down the middle of the nose, and brow, above the browand on the chin to make a spotlight. It is far a product with which you’ll need to work snappy sooner than it devices, so Scott former a “cat paw” brush to mix this out sooner than making exhaust of contour. For contour he former the Kryolan TV stick in NG2 on a minute duo fiber brush on her brow, and under her cheekbones, and heavier along her jawline and blends it out with the identical brush. To contour her nose he makes exhaust of the Metropolis Decay All Nighter concealer (Darkish Warm). After he makes exhaust of Chanel Vitalumiere foundation (colors 50&30) on Scott Barnes Pro Foundation Brush #68 going over the spotlight and contour to mix in a spherical circulation. He then former coloration 20 within the Chanel Vitalumiere on the lighter areas of the face utilizing a smaller duo fiber brush from Stilazzi

To location under the eyes and the lighter areas of the face, Scott makes exhaust of Construct Up For Ever translucent powder blended with barely bit of Ben Nye Banana powder under the eyes. As for the comb, he takes a minute fluffy brush (we esteem the 265 brush within the omni assortment by Royal Langnickel) and rolls the powder under the eyes in preference to pulling or tapping. He then makes exhaust of the Construct Up For Ever, Matte Velvet Pores and skin pressed powders (coloration Y535) to location toughen the contour with a #66 Scott Barnes Pro Powder Sheer Brush. On lighter areas he makes exhaust of coloration Y225, these are placed in a truly skinny layer so she would now not uncover about overly powdered. Closing he makes exhaust of Jennifer’s favourite, Serge Lutens bronzer on a Scott Barnes #Sixty seven Vivid Face genuine brush and frivolously buffs it in. 

For cheeks, Scott makes exhaust of a marginally of coloration Rosé blended with coloration Minimalist from the Scott Barnes Sublime Cheek palette on a #sixty four Scott Barnes Highlighter Pro Brush. Across the cheek bones and apples of the cheek.

Pro tip: Whereas you happen to over cease it, inch support with the #68 brush that already has leftover foundation on it and stipples it on her cheeks to buff and mix in any excess and inch support again with the blush brush one beyond regular time frivolously.

Scott goes support in with the Sculpting and Contouring palette utilizing coloration Sliced on a flat sq. brush down the perimeters of her nose. He makes exhaust of shades Sliced and Chiseled with his number #60 Lip & Query duality liner brush to contour her lips.

He then makes exhaust of coloration #SHADE from the palette with Scott Barnes #66 Sheer Powder genuine brush he contours the jaw and blends down the neck.

Pro tip: As this uncover about is for TV, Scott applies a heavier contour than he typically would, for the rationale that lights on stage blow it out. 

After contouring the face, Scott fills in her brows utilizing hair esteem strokes with the Scott Barnes angled #Fifty 9 Lip & Query Precision liner brush. He makes exhaust of shades Sliced all over to form and maintain her brows and Frame in effective areas that need a darker coloration and to boost the brow. 

To spotlight the face, Scott makes exhaust of his Glowy and Showy palette shades Golden Glow and Twilight sand on a handsome #66 Powder sheer genuine fan brush to highlight the cheekbones, down the middle of the nose and on the browbone.

Pro Tip: The tip of the uncover about Scott mixes a few colors from the glowy and showy highlighter palette and applies all of them over the face and decolletage to accentuate the glow. 

For Jennifer’s eyes, Scott mixes shades #FOXY and #RETRO from the Snatural palette on his #63 Query Winger brush to make a wash of coloration all around the lid and crease. To relieve the gaze light and commence he barely deepens the crease with coloration #FEMME with his #sixty two Query blender brush and provides coloration #LACED on the lid. Scott then makes exhaust of #FOXY and a miniature bit of coloration #SIN on a #Fifty 9 Lip & Query Precision liner brush to the outer fragment of the decrease lash line. To make a shelf for the lashes Scott makes exhaust of his Pumped Up Mascara and lets it dry sooner than making exhaust of his (now not but launched Jungle Jen) Lashes. To cease off the gaze, he provides eyeshadow Sin on a #Fifty 9 Lip & Query Precision liner angled brush to make a skinny line along the lash line and to mix the lashes on the interior corner of the gaze. 

For lips, Scott and Jennifer determined to transfer with nude stout pout to entire the uncover about. So that you can originate on the lip contour, Scott former his one in every of his Glamazon Lip Pencils in coloration HELENA an unprecedented nude lip liner. Topped with one in every of Jennifer’s favourite glosses #BLONDIE from the Summer season Edit of his Flossy Vivid lip gloss assortment. This is appropriate one in every of the shades from his lip assortment he created with her in mind.

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