Celebrity Travel: Influencer is Looking For a Personal Assistant, And the Requirements are Wild

Celebrity Travel: Influencer is Looking For a Personal Assistant, And the Requirements are Wild

Celebrity Travel:

👀👀👀 https://t.co/pwnPXrHMlB pic.twitter.com/rjAO2lnpp1

— Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) July 31, 2020

A job record tremendous of a Boomer on Linkedin is making the rounds on twitter. First and significant posted on entertainmentcareers.procure, (Sadly, it has been taken down) it turned into once posted by verified user Taylor Lorenz on Twitter.

Let’s steal a search for at it. Or, since you are ONTD, search for on the gifs:

You are going to be a ‘private assistant to A nicely-known celeb/influencer with 10+ million followers in L.A. Sounds weird and wonderful for now, let’s take care of reading.

“Piece time.” Good sufficient.

You must take care of all emotion/private lifestyles issues fully some distance from this world.” /Ability to compartmentalize emotion and remain knowledgeable, collected and hardworking, and aloof in any appreciate cases”

Celebrity Travel:

Wake the client on day by day foundation with time desk, Espresso, and all diverse requests”

How worthy would you hang to bet that they’ve a ridiculously sophisticated Starbucks sigh as nicely? What involves “all diverse requests?

Celebrity Travel:

MUST are living forty-60 minutes some distance from Los Angeles” so that you simply would be in a position to perhaps back with wander together with taking client to conferences/filming/fittings/studio sessions/parties etc”

-MUST have a vehicle and be in a situation to drive client wherever at any time.”

They did no longer give an explanation for what vehicle…

Celebrity Travel:

And the plan worthy does this very finest job pay?

“Compensation: – Hourly: $25-$30/hr”

Celebrity Travel:

Nonetheless there is a possibility for paunchy time work and better pay! Yes, the job that is phase time buT YOU HAVE TO BE ON CALL 24/7 is paying you no longer up to 30$. That you just can need to be paid about 500$/hr for all this.

Folks suspect that this turned into once posted by the (broken-down) assistant of

[Spoiler (click to open)]Tana Mongeau

, who appears to be like to be to be like like an unfamiliar combine of Kacey Muskgraves and Iggy Azaelia after I googled her.

I did no longer submit the total part bc a quantity of it is simply wild. Nonetheless scamper be taught it. Or scamper to the twitter thread and search for on the snippets other folks are posting.

srcWho compose you watched is shopping for a brand recent assistant?

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