Celebrity Health: Ellen DeGeneres & Lena Dunham Lead the Top 5 Celebrity ‘Karens’

Celebrity Health: Ellen DeGeneres & Lena Dunham Lead the Top 5 Celebrity ‘Karens’

Celebrity Health:

  • The term ‘Karen’ has exploded in repute for the explanation that originate of the pandemic & George Floyd protests.
  • Several movies of females exhibiting questionable behavior referring to dash and health have long past viral.
  • Karens are now not new. They’ve been keen us for years, they factual hid it effectively.

It’s seemingly you’ll perchance well perchance think we’re picking on Lena Dunham and Ellen DeGeneres.

We are.

Why? Because of they capture on other folk, which is factual one trait of an on a regular basis ‘Karen.’ Right here is the definition of a ‘Karen,’ in step with Dictionary.com:

Karen is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, offended, entitled, and on the entire racist heart-frail white girl who makes use of her privilege to to find her manner or police other folk’s behaviors.

These females have been caught on camera, in the wild, performing on their most negative impulses. Essentially the most famed video aspects a girl in Central Park harassing a chicken watcher:

But factual attributable to this is in point of fact the most famed video, that doesn’t imply this girl is in point of fact the most famed Karen.

They’ve been in front of us, in easy scrutinize, for years.

Celebrity Health: The Prime 5 Celeb Karens

1) Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is the queen of star Karens. To utilize the wokest of phrases, the Ladies creator has extinct her privilege in problematic programs, in opposition to folk of coloration.

In 2016, she railed in opposition to NFL star Odell Beckham Jr after carrying out an imaginary conversation in her head.

Lena Dunham belief Beckham checked out her cherish she was once a “dog,” and a “marshmallow.” She acknowledged he “gave the affect careworn,” and implied he excellent cared about “f*cking.”

What was once he doing? Taking a sight at his cell phone.

How entitled attain that you must be to kind that about yourself?

The woke imposter has additionally caught criticism for hiring an all-white solid and making some sketchy sexual assault allegations in her memoir.

2) Ellen DeGeneres

The “Queen of Imply” has been uncovered.

Ellen DeGeneres performs a jolly host on TV, however in valid life, she’s a walking frigid shoulder.

DeGeneres has been accused of terrifying behavior in direction of her workers and guests. Her security guard acknowledged that she was once the correct star who wouldn’t dispute ‘hi’ to him.

Irrespective of keeping a gain value of over $300 million, she was once ravishing letting her traditional workers members creep unpaid all the strategy during the pandemic.

Ellen DeGeneres posted and deleted, tone-deaf tweets all the strategy during the George Floyd protests. After getting known as out, she pulled essentially the most Karen creep that you could perchance well also name to mind by making a video of herself crying.

Please Ellen, set your tears. You’re going to want them if you happen to to find canceled.

three) Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner gives us with but any other version of Karen. Her privilege is high, her entitlement is during the roof, however her consciousness is barely human.

This “influencer” has principally posted photos of herself in bikinis all the strategy during the Dim Lives Matter protests.

She preached security all the strategy during the pandemic however posted extra bikini photos of herself on vacation with a community of mates. They didn’t set apart on masks they every now and then didn’t take care of social distance.

Retain the sizable work, Kylie. | Provide: Twitter

She astonishingly reached ‘billionaire’ state earlier this One year. It’s much less dazzling if you happen to earn out she inflated the numbers.

Kylie Jenner hasn’t shown Karen-level infuriate, however her entitlement and obnoxiousness grant her inclusion to this unique community.

4) Kelly Ripa

Right here’s but any other discuss expose host who’s been announcing too worthy.

Develop you remember when Kelly Ripa (who’s value over $a hundred and twenty million) acknowledged her son was once dwelling in “crude poverty”?


Her long-time cohost Michael Strahan hinted that Ripa is now not all smiles and pep. In an interview earlier this One year, Strahan defined why he left the expose,

Certain things that were occurring in the support of the scenes factual caught up.

Lawful cherish Ellen DeGeneres, don’t be enormously stunned if extra things originate catching up with Kelly Ripa.

5) Robin DiAngelo

Generally Karens are cloaked in convincing cloak. We saw that with Lena Dunham, whose ‘woke’ persona was once finally unmasked. And now we’re seeing it with Robin DiAngelo, creator of White Fragility.

Robin DiAngelo is doing God’s work, as a minimum she’s getting paid cherish it. | Provide: Twitter

As journalist Matt Taibbi so eloquently dismantled, DiAngelo’s main premise is that every white particular person is a white supremacist.

No, Robin. It’s seemingly you’ll perchance well perchance also fair be a white supremacist, however don’t set apart that onto the comfort of us.

DiAngelo unloaded her white guilt onto a entire population and received rich in the job. Sounds cherish a Karen creep to me!

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