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Celebrity Dining: SF’s Historic Cliff House Restaurant Sues Insurance Company Over ‘Dishonest and Egregious’ Claim Denial

Celebrity Dining: SF’s Historic Cliff House Restaurant Sues Insurance Company Over ‘Dishonest and Egregious’ Claim Denial

Celebrity Dining:

San Francisco’s historic Cliff Dwelling restaurant made headlines final week when it launched that after hustling to assist takeout and shipping meals for the length of the pandemic, monetary pressures had pressured its momentary closure. Now its operators are suing their insurance firm after it denied its enterprise interruption claim…even supposing its enterprise has been clearly and unequivocally denied.

The 162-year-feeble Cliff Dwelling, which is perched trusty down the avenue from now not too long in the past shuttered Louis’ Restaurant, is merely the most contemporary restaurant to file suit against its insurance firm for the length of the coronavirus crisis. Iconic Berkeley restaurant Chez Panisse filed a same suit earlier this month, Union Sq. traditional convey John’s Grill sued in April, and celeb chef Thomas Keller didn’t even preserve up for his insurance firm to flip down his claims when he sued on behalf of Yountville’s the French Laundry and Bouchon Bistro.

In all these circumstances, as effectively as those in numerous locations in the U.S., restaurateurs issue that the enterprise interruption insurance they’d paid for — which promises to duvet lost revenues if their restaurants are closed by a catastrophe — must aloof duvet the ransacking of their enterprise by the coronavirus crisis. Their insurance carriers disagree: Some argue that an Ebola-era addendum gives a coverage loophole for plagues and viruses, whereas others issue that since the restaurants themselves are now not bodily damaged, the claims must be denied.

The difficulty has spurred local legislators to flip the warmth up on convey insurance regulators, with San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approving a non-binding resolution that tells insurance firms that they must honor those claims. The engaging note, right here, is “non-binding”: The board doesn’t receive the energy to assemble that occur. What it hopes, SF Supervisor Gordon Mar tells Eater SF, is that the transfer will stress California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara — who has the energy to retain watch over how insurance firms feature in the convey — to take into tale the denials a “area cloth misrepresentation” of coverage, and to force the insurance firms to pay out the claims.

That resolution was licensed in early April, however up to now, there’s been no considered action from Sacramento regarding these claims. That’s what makes litigation appealing, one local restaurateur tells Eater SF. “If all of us sue our insurance firm, presumably any individual will at final listen to us,” they said.

In the case of the Cliff Dwelling, Mary Hountalas, who along with her husband Dan has stir the venue’s bars and restaurants for the final Forty seven years, says that they “had to cease our doorways and let the majority of our 185 staff paddle” for the length of the crisis, and that they’d anticipated their insurance claim to duvet on the least about a of the losses they face.

This isn’t the fundamental time the Cliff Dwelling has confronted a critical challenge, Hountalas says, as since its opening in 1858, it’s “survived earthquakes, fires, and flooding.” Those prior mess ups (the 1906 quake and a colossal 1907 blaze, as an example) supposed that the restaurant “paid exorbitant premiums for decades,” licensed legitimate Brian Danitz says. He’s one amongst the lawyers representing the Hountalas family of their suit against insurance firm Allianz, which he says “refused payment, elevating a host of baseless excuses to thunder the claims.”

In accordance to Danitz, the incentive in the support of this and the multiple other courtroom cases available is “to cease this dishonest and egregious prepare,” of pandemic claim denial and to, he hopes, “present relief to firms suffering on this pandemic.”

For the time being, the Cliff Dwelling will preserve darkish, its takeout and shipping carrier suspended as, “as a consequence of economic stress for the length of this unparalleled downside, we receive concluded that it’d be most efficient to preserve up our remaining resources to make certain a continuance of future operations,” the Hountlas family said in a message posted to Fb.

The hope, says Mary Hountalas, is that when indoor dining now not without extend resumes, the excessive ceilings and extensive dwelling in the Cliff Dwelling’s dining rooms will gather it a ample self-discipline for socially distanced indoor meals. In any case, it’s made it by rather a lot already, she says, and “we can dwell to lisp the story this as effectively.”

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