Celebrity Dining: The Man Behind The Plate: A Q&A With Ceramicist Jono Pandolfi

Celebrity Dining: The Man Behind The Plate: A Q&A With Ceramicist Jono Pandolfi

Celebrity Dining:

Celebrity Dining: Ceramic plate being shaped

The creator of custom dinnerware for one of the most area’s high entertaining locations discusses how he bought his … [+] originate, his ingenious route of, and his most thrilling collaboration.

Credit score: Michael Harlan Turkell

Jono Pandolfi started his ceramics company in 2004. What began as a one-man operation has grown into a crew of expert artisans working together in a sunlit studio in Union Metropolis, Fresh Jersey, total with potters wheels and kilns. His crew has developed a streamlined route of that allows them to invent orders of custom dinnerware starting from 12 to 500 build settings.

Celebrity Dining: Jono Pandolfi's Union Metropolis studio

Jono Pandolfi’s Union Metropolis studio

Credit score: Michael Harlan Turkell

Pandolfi’s handmade designs bear graced the eating tables of one of the most area’s ultimate entertaining locations, with a diverse client list that entails Eleven Madison Park, the Nomad Hotel (Fresh York Metropolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles), Agern, Jean-Georges entertaining locations and Celeb Edge cruise lines. As well to to supplying ceramic dinnerware to expert kitchens, the studio has currently leaned into offering their wares at as soon as to shoppers attracted to elevating their at-residence eating ride.

I had the alternative to demand of Pandolfi some questions about how he bought attracted to ceramics and came to specialise in dinnerware, his ingenious route of, and how the pandemic has influenced his switch. I’ll let him salvage it away from right here.

Celebrity Dining: Jono Pandolfi

Jono Pandolfi

Credit score: Michael Harlan Turkell

Abigail Abesamis: How did you procure into ceramics? 

Jono Pandolfi: I bought into it in high college. I went to a college that had an actual emphasis on the humanities and there I modified into as soon as in a area to truly stumble on the medium as a student and in my free time. There modified into as soon as so principal in regards to the route of that drew me in however in the dwell, I if truth be told loved the permanence of the things that we created, and that modified into as soon as powerful to me. I if truth be told loved making helpful pottery, and I knew I wished to back making things. 

Abesamis: Why did you pick to specialise in dinnerware for entertaining locations and the hospitality switch?

Pandolfi: I fell into it style of by chance—I modified into as soon as fresh to NYC (Brooklyn if truth be told) and I had a possibility to collaborate with an worn honest trusty friend on a restaurant opening. I knew it modified into as soon as my likelihood to procure some of my helpful figure out into the area. That led me to worship that cooks were a ripe market for custom ceramics, and the corporate modified into as soon as born on that realization: that there modified into as soon as a necessity and a necessity in the hospitality market for fresh, unfamiliar tabletop choices, and my handmade however minimal stoneware fit the bill properly. 

Celebrity Dining: The Sq. Sided Assortment

The Sq. Sided Assortment

Credit score: Michael Harlan Turkell

Abesamis: Approximately how prolonged does a section salvage to bear from originate to perform? About what number of pieces are made in the studio on daily basis?

Pandolfi: Most ceaselessly a section will be shaped on day one, dried overnight, and ready for the bisque firing on day two. After the first firing, we glaze it and fire it a 2d time the next evening. It doesn’t repeatedly be conscious this tight time desk, however this illustrates what’s that it is probably going you’ll per chance perchance be judge of. About three to four days. Prior to COVID we were doing about 450 a day. It’s a bit of slower now, however as hospitality ask rises, manufacturing is increasing. 

Celebrity Dining: Inside Jono Pandolfi's studio

Inside Jono Pandolfi’s studio

Credit score: Michael Harlan Turkell

Abesamis: What’s your ingenious route of like when designing dinnerware for a brand fresh client? 

Pandolfi: It’s nearly repeatedly a relaxing, easy route of, because we’ve performed so many restaurant openings and worked with every person from Michelin-starred cooks to quickly-informal ideas. I love hearing what cooks bear in ideas and I love attempting to clear up problems that exist for them—that’s why I bought into the switch in the first build. Now we bear one of these differ of shapes and colours in our repertoire, that we are able to arrive up with custom configurations to meet nearly any interrogate. This company started as a custom store, however now that we’re in over 250 entertaining locations, now we bear got effectively streamlined the route of a bit of. 

Celebrity Dining: Pandolfi's dinnerware being feeble in a talented kitchen.

Pandolfi’s dinnerware being feeble in a talented kitchen.

Credit score: Michael Harlan Turkell

Abesamis: What’s mainly the most tough section about your line of labor? The most rewarding?

Pandolfi: Most tough? Asserting a increasing manufacturing facility and crew. There’s repeatedly a section of equipment that wants to be mounted. Fortunately I bear repeatedly been blessed with a crew that enjoys manufacturing and diagram back fixing nearly as principal as I develop, so all the pieces retains popping out on time. 

The most rewarding component needs to be opening the kiln and seeing finished ware on daily basis. I love seeing all the pieces procure packed and loaded onto trucks. As somebody who residing out to bear a occupation out of making things, I’m so grateful to be in a area to be doing it on this scale. It’s amazingly rewarding to hear from a chef who is opening his or her get grasp of restaurant for the first time and is able to bear a vast salvage. Perchance they feeble my dinnerware and admired it at a outdated job. In explain that’s repeatedly a vast enhance, when I hear that. 

Celebrity Dining: Fermentation crocks

Fermentation crocks

Credit score: Chop Pandolfi

Abesamis: What has been your most thrilling collaboration?   

Pandolfi: Oh man that’s a really now not easy one. I wager I’ll wander with the very newest one, because it modified into as soon as properly-organized a success and relaxing on all fronts. We designed a fermentation crock in collaboration with Brad Leone and it modified into as soon as a vast success. Now we bear sold over 1,000 as much as now and are donating a fraction of your whole gross sales to about a truly mountainous causes just like the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation and East Fresh York Farms. However there had been so many diversified challenges and every body has taught me something.

One important switch over the past few months has been our shift towards e-commerce. Prior to the crisis about seventy five% of our ware went into entertaining locations. That dried just up in mid-March and we went all-in on an speedy-to-consumer mannequin, and it truly worked. The crock mission modified into as soon as a section of that, and we are able to’t wait to roll out more projects prefer it.  

Celebrity Dining: Coupe pasta bowls in toasted clay

Coupe pasta bowls in toasted clay

Credit score: Chop Pandolfi

Abesamis: What affect has the pandemic had for your switch? 

Pandolfi: It has pressured us to salvage a step abet and stop, and to be initiating abet up slowly, we’re in a area to place in force adjustments that we easiest dreamed about before. For instance, we feeble one of the most down time to swap to more sustainable packaging and rethink some of our manufacturing processes and how we put in force fresh abilities in the studio. For 10 years, this company grew and grew and it surely now not slowed down as soon as. I surely now not had a minute to step abet. I loved it every step of the come, on the alternative hand it modified into as soon as repeatedly one other kiln, one other worker, a brand fresh wheel. Boost, expand. 

Stopping for a minute has given us some principal wished time to rethink how we’re searching to grow, what we’re searching to promote, and why. And I’m truly grateful for that. As soon as hospitality comes roaring abet, we’re truly going to bear our fingers corpulent as soon as more, and I’m grateful to bear had some time to bear about a adjustments that would also simply bear a vast affect for years but to arrive abet.

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