Celebrity Travel: Alex Trebek, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Me

Celebrity Travel: Alex Trebek, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Me

Celebrity Travel:

It’s a bittersweet week for fans of Jeopardy! and its ad infinitum trim, suave and beloved host Alex Trebek. The man with the solutions for bigger than 35 years turns eighty on Wednesday and releases his memoir The Acknowledge Is… Reflections on My Existence on Tuesday. But it comes amid a public battle with stage 4 pancreatic cancer so severe that the host revealed closing weekend he would cease remedy if his contemporary round of therapies fail.

Gavin Edwards has been a longtime Rolling Stone contributor who seemed on the conceal on June Nineteenth, 2000. Whereas he didn’t receive, his Last Jeopardy files on who Venetians called “Il Milione,” the man of the million lies (Marco Polo) earned him a second residing attain and bucket list checkmark. Twenty years later, Edwards remembers his trip with the conceal and Trebek.

After I became once a youngster, I presumed that one of many most lively things that any American would possibly maybe well attain became once to be on a game conceal. It seemed axiomatic: I cherished games, and I cherished TV, and I cherished receiving assessments for thousands of greenbacks (the postulate of that, anyway — it had never if fact be told came about to me). Or, alternately, I would were fully contented to head dwelling with a trustworthy quantity of Turtle Wax or Rice-a-Roni. (I generally puzzled: Precisely how indispensable constituted a year’s provide?)

Selecting a game conceal intended coming into the realm of its host, so you had to own wisely. I cherished all of them, and knew their foibles successfully. Monty Hall became once as fully contented to sucker you into shopping and selling a automobile for a goat as he became once to present you that automobile in the foremost residing. Gene Rayburn incessantly looked cherish he had correct had a 10 a.m. Brandy Alexander late the curtain with Charles Nelson Reilly. Dick Clark would use your soul throughout a industrial smash to protect himself having a understand forever younger. The discontinue priority of Richard Dawson became once pressing the flesh of the younger female contestants; Bob Barker had the same vibe, handiest with their moms. Wink Martindale became once in it for the Botany 500 fits. Pat Sajak wasn’t the grasp of his possess wheel — it became once obvious that Vanna White became once the mistress of fortune. Chuck Woolery hosted so many reveals, he had allegiance to none of them.

But Alex Trebek? He fastidiously presided over Jeopardy!, the game where three folks came to compare their mind on nationwide TV without whammies or spinning wheels or jokers. Alex had the total solutions; he correct mandatory you to quiz the factual questions.

I auditioned for Jeopardy! in early 1999: On the residing of the conceal, the contestant coordinators gave us a written test of 50 medium-sophisticated questions. Whenever you happen to got 35 factual, they invited you to stay around and audition; otherwise they despatched you dwelling with a ballpoint pen and instructions to repeat chums that you just uncared for the lower by one query. After you played a quick pattern game, the staff advised you that whenever you didn’t hear from them in a year, that intended you didn’t make the lower (and also you may maybe maybe maybe well maybe audition yet again).

“I advised a story about taking fraction on this planet’s largest tomato battle in Spain, the surefire myth sputtering and loss of life below Alex’s bored gaze.”

Whereas I waited for that name, I attempted to flip myself into the closing Jeopardy! warrior — in brief, I attempted to make myself extra cherish Alex Trebek. I couldn’t hope to compare the lush vitality of his mustache or his unflappably dry-cleaned demeanor. As far as I would possibly maybe well repeat, Alex became once raised in Canada on a strict weight loss program of encyclopedias, then vacuum-sealed and shipped the total trend down to Culver City, California, where he became once released for two days every diversified week to fulfill his hostly obligations. (Jeopardy! filmed 5 episodes a day: out-of-towners on Mondays, then Angelenos on Tuesdays.) What I would possibly maybe well attain became once flip myself into any individual who spat out details the reach a grizzled pitching coach spat out chaw.

So I sold the World Almanac, memorized the U.S. presidents, and played along with Jeopardy! 5 days per week, diligently conserving computer screen of my factual and scandalous solutions. After a month, I had learned that my feeble spots were poetry, Canadian historical previous, and especially geography. The absolute best reach to recover at geography became once to memorize world capitals, which came up as consistently as a sax solo at a Springsteen reside efficiency. I made a thick stack of flashcards comprising the names of 200 countries, along with little island countries, one of which didn’t even include a capital metropolis (Nauru, which has the de facto capital of “Yaren District,” and a peculiar, tragic backstory of imperialism). I had plenty of mnemonics. A van with an airbrushed image of a bicep-flexing arm on the facet? That psychological image manner that for the rest of my lifestyles, I will endure in thoughts that the capital of Armenia is Yerevan. Or this catechism to learn the capital of Botswana: “What attain robots desire? A obliging pair of pants, perchance in gabardine.” Voilà, Gaborone.

Most of a year handed, and I despaired of ever coming into Trebek’s arena, where I presumed the immense man became once surrounded by judges, researchers, and robed acolytes. I distracted myself with the intense sequence of “Celeb Jeopardy” sketches on Saturday Night time Are living, created by Norm McDonald, where Will Ferrell played Trebek as a person struggling to retain onto his sanity whereas famed folks fetch stumped by solutions cherish “This Number Comes Between Five and Seven” and Sean Connery keeps buzzing in to shriek that he screwed Trebek’s mother. On SNL, Alex became once helpless in the face of business-energy stupidity — nonetheless on his possess conceal, the details would incessantly attach him.

Celebrity Travel:

The creator in 2000 with the man himself on the residing of ‘Jeopardy!’

Courtesy of Gavin Edwards

In February 2000, I at closing got the name from Jeopardy! HQ: I became once invited to be on the conceal a month later. (I had to receive my possess plane ticket — the conceal paid trip bills correct for returning champions.) I deliberate to fall the entire lot and cram as indispensable files into my cranium as I would possibly maybe well that month — nonetheless then I got a name from Rolling Stone asking if I mandatory to attain a duvet narrative on the Crimson Scorching Chili Peppers. So I took the task, hung with the band of their homes and at a Moroccan restaurant with a belly dancer, and advised myself I would attain immense on the conceal if there became once a Californication category.

I became once restful in a place to make the taping, though. Contestants were saved far from Alex as indispensable as which that you just can factor in — that became once an artifact of the quiz conceal scandals of the Fifties, when reveals fed solutions to the contestants in reach. To steer clear of even a hint of impropriety, unique game reveals make obvious there’s no reach for the host to help the contestants. My longest one-on-one interplay with Alex came with the digicam rolling, when — guided by a handful of index cards — Alex requested each of the three contestants about a non-public trip. I advised a story about taking fraction on this planet’s largest tomato battle in Spain, the surefire myth sputtering and loss of life below Alex’s bored gaze. Generous the details, his eyes stated. The conversations with the diversified two contestants seemed equally awkward. When the episode aired about a months later, I learned something sudden about Jeopardy!: The producers added a laugh computer screen to the interview segments.

“I had climbed the mountain and met Alex Trebek on top of it, a person that believed in the fact and shared as indispensable of it as he would possibly maybe well with the sector, one fact at a time.”

Maybe it became once the target audience, which became once mostly senior electorate bused in from a cessation-by retirement dwelling (and my future wife, who became once so frightened hyperventilating throughout my episode, she nearly vomited into her purse). Aged folks, I stumbled on, cherished Alex Trebek, and he cherished them help: All the blueprint thru enterprise breaks, he answered their questions and turned on the charm. In diversified circumstances, I would were fascinated too, nonetheless I became once having an advanced day. The key of Jeopardy! became once that on most days, all three contestants were orderly, so who won came down at hand-leer coordination: Whenever you happen to would possibly maybe well fetch into Alex’s rhythm and be the foremost one on the buzzer the microsecond he carried out reading the query, you may maybe maybe maybe well receive the game.

That wasn’t me — I got smoked by a shaggy paralegal named Gregg. I did include about a moments of glory, along with nailing a day-to-day double about reggae artist Burning Spear. (And whenever you’re uncommon, the “King of the Franks” in 799 became once Charlemagne, no longer Oscar Mayer.) I came in second residing. On the stop of the conceal, Alex made chitchat with us whereas the credits rolled. His chosen matter of conversation became once the Lakers.

My prize package became once a day out to France and a leer — no longer as factual as a huge take a look at, nonetheless better than the Turtle Wax.

I went dwelling fully contented. I had a mind overflowing with details, quite a lot of which I would discard in coming years because the pertinent mind cells died or moved on to diversified preoccupations, nonetheless about a of which would possibly maybe well lead me staunch into a deeper knowing of the sector. I had climbed the mountain and met Alex Trebek on top of it, a person that believed in the fact and shared as indispensable of it as he would possibly maybe well with the sector, one fact at a time.

[Salvage Alex Trebek’s Memoir Here]

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