Celebrity Charity: Inside the Trump and Louis Farrakhan Ties to Scientology

Celebrity Charity: Inside the Trump and Louis Farrakhan Ties to Scientology

Celebrity Charity:

On July 6, the Trump administration released federal recordsdata revealing which “little” corporations were awarded Paycheck Safety Program (PPP) loans thanks to the COVID-19 shutdown. As neatly as to the Kushner family, Trump’s fundraising friend Joe Farrell, and Kanye West, one title stood out amongst the recipients: the Church of Scientology.

The celeb-obsessed church—which professes that an intergalactic overlord named Xenu brought billions of aliens to Earth 75 million years ago, organized them on the indecent of volcanoes, blew them up with hydrogen bombs, and their surviving souls hold-out the human plod—got three loans of up to $350,000 each and each for its sites in Current York, Florida, and Washington, D.C., supporting what it claims is a total of 137 workers.

It’s a habitual resolution by the Trump administration, awarding a total bunch of thousands of dollars to a scandal-plagued organization that, attributable to its tax-exempt residence, has reportedly amassed bigger than $1 billion in sources (mostly in real-estate holdings).

And it’s a resolution that’s angered dilapidated Scientologists-turned-whistleblowers Leah Remini and Mike Rinder.

“It’s insane,” says Remini. “Mike and I own tried to meet repeatedly with the IRS, and the IRS knows what they’ve performed. They’ve identified that they’ve cleared the style for Scientology to misappropriate their money. It’s plod like a enterprise for revenue. And this steady says that!”

    Remini, a dilapidated high-ranking Scientologist who sank $5 million into the church, and Rinder, its ex-spokesperson/senior govt, are—alongside with journalist Tony Ortega—the premier sources for exposing abuses within the tight-lipped faith. After three seasons of their Emmy-successful A&E collection Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, the duo has launched a brand original podcast, Scientology: Interesting Game, that specializes within the church’s “Interesting Game” doctrine, whereby leader David Miscavige’s military of acolytes are reported to enact everything in their energy to intimidate its enemies into silence. (The Church of Scientology didn’t respond to a keep a matter to for comment.)

    Since, as Remini and Rinder own repeatedly claimed, Scientology mostly operates thru a collection of volunteers, they’re at a loss for phrases about why the church would want authorities handouts to compensate paid workers.

    “The PPP loans were about guaranteeing that folk don’t lose their jobs, and Scientology, when confronted in regards to the reality that they don’t pay minimal wage or one thing, say these other folks are volunteers!” gives Rinder. “Staff contributors of Scientology organizations are ‘volunteers,’ they’re now not workers, and as well they’re getting loans so that folk don’t lose their jobs?”

    And Pleasure Villa has infiltrated the Trump administration. I don’t know how this continues to be a ingredient. It needs to be prison.

    The PPP loans be aware the most recent habitual tie between Trump and Scientology.

    In accordance to a 2015 investigation by The Smoking Gun that analyzed—and published parts of—tax-return filings from the Donald J. Trump Charitable Foundation between 1990 and 2014, Trump’s charity arm made handiest one donation to a Eleventh of September-associated reason within the wake of the tragedy: $1,000 to the Current York Rescue Staff Detoxification Venture. That program, started by the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise, sought to heal first responders with smoke-damaged lungs thru the “Purification Rundown,” a medically unproven detox manner that involves pumping the body plump of dietary vitamins, performing masses of say, and spending many hours a day in a sauna. Scientists and health mavens own known because it “awful.” (The Trump administration didn’t respond to requests for comment.)

    “And Pleasure Villa has infiltrated the Trump administration,” provides Remini, referring to the Scientologist pitchwoman/singer who served on Trump’s Campaign Advisory Board. “I don’t know how this continues to be a ingredient. It needs to be prison.”

    Scientology’s attain doesn’t stop there. The church can be deeply connected to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Since 2010, the Nation of Islam has been promoting the “advantages” of Dianetics, the core place of principles taught by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    “I chanced on the instrument that I know can befriend us. And I thank God for Mr. L. Ron Hubbard,” Farrakhan presented all the device in which thru a sermon in Chicago on July 1, 2012. “And I thank God for his study and instructing.”

      There’s also the subject of Tony Muhammad, the West Race regional minister of the Nation of Islam and whose face is plastered all around the Scientology internet place. He’s also the recipient the IAS Freedom Medal, the church’s most coveted award, for spreading its teachings.

      “It’s such an gruesome marriage of comfort between these two, and it’s going to within the waste stop in an gruesome divorce, because each and each of these organizations mediate that they are the handiest upright respond,” explains Rinder. “Scientology, thru David Miscavige, has performed colossal issues to gain a examine to own interaction and own the Nation of Islam in Scientology. They’ve subsidized their involvement and given the ideal Scientology awards to Tony Muhammad, the West Race leader of the Nation of Islam. They’ve Nation of Islam other folks showing up to their events, performing as security other folks; and conversely, Farrakhan is preaching from his pulpit in regards to the ‘gigantic man’ L. Ron Hubbard who’s advance to set the Shadowy man. It’s completely insane.”

      And in relation to Muhammad’s involvement with Scientology, few other folks would possibly perchance also know bigger than Remini—who says she served as Muhammad’s handler of kinds.

      “After I was presented to Tony Muhammad at Movie neatly-known person Centre, he used to be in a if truth be told tough instruct. He used to be now not doing neatly financially. He wasn’t making money, and but he used to be working for Farrakhan because the Nation of Islam’s West Race representative,” she says. “Movie neatly-known person Centre requested me to buddy him and indoctrinate him into Scientology, and that’s exactly what took residence. Since he couldn’t even pay his rent, I stopped up sponsoring him for his first introductory functions. Movie neatly-known person Centre requested me to enact this. And he’s never paid me again and blocked me on Twitter.”

      “I thought to be myself a buddy to Tony and his family, but I got threats [from the Farrakhan speech],” Remini continues. “And you receive a 10 percent fee any time you get someone to enact a Scientology carrier, and you’re known as a ‘workers member’ whenever you open promoting Scientology functions—which is what they’ve performed. So I feel there’s also a monetary revenue to the Nation of Islam telling their followers to search out Scientology.”

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