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Celebrity Charity: NFL Legend Bruce Smith Stuns Steve Harvey with Bizarre “Penis” Answer on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Celebrity Charity: NFL Legend Bruce Smith Stuns Steve Harvey with Bizarre “Penis” Answer on ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Celebrity Charity:

NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Smith can add an award for “Most Frightful Huge determine Family Feud Answer” to his trophy case. On Sunday evening, Smith battled against his fellow NFL greats on the ABC game demonstrate, however issues snappily went off the rails when he quick that Captain Hook should always quiet change his hook with a penis (dude, what?). Obviously, Smith’s fabulous respond became met with an equally fabulous response from Celebrity Family Feud host Steve Harvey, who unintentionally acknowledged aloud what viewers in each arena were pondering: “What the fuck did he convey?”

Final evening’s episode of Huge determine Family Feud seen a quantity of NFL legends, including Smith, Michael Irvin, and Orlando Dash, compete against rising stars Marlon Humphrey, Aaron Jones, and Courtland Sutton for charity. All became fun and games until it came time for Like a flash Cash, when Smith, a Hall of Status defensive discontinue, stepped up to respond to the search knowledge from, “If Captain Hook became moonlighting as a handyman, he also can change his hook with what tool?”

Smith at the origin guessed “a hammer,” however which implies that of Irvin had already quick that, he became forced to streak to invent one other respond. His final provide? “A penis,” acknowledged the soccer account. Excuse me?

On the origin, Harvey didn’t even register Smith’s weird respond. He began to ask one other search knowledge from, however stopped himself midway via the sentence, asking, “What the fuck did he convey?” ABC also can merely savor bleeped Harvey’s rare F-bomb, however viewers in each arena had no disclose finding out between the lines.

All people, understandably, went wild, from the audience to the gamers themselves. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” repeated the unnerved host ceaselessly. “I bid I’m sorry. That upright came out. I don’t even know the save that came from.”

Harvey asked within the occasion that they frigid “originate over” with a fresh Like a flash Cash search knowledge from, however first, he equipped some no longer-so-excellent recommendation for Smith. “Your ass going on YouTube,” he quick the defensive well-known particular person. “Oh, you’re going to be on YouTube! You’re going to be the excellent clip ever played!”

As of press time, ABC’s Huge determine Family Feud clip has handiest been considered Eight,117 times, however the day is young. There’s quiet heaps of time for Steve Harvey’s prediction to come support factual — let’s accumulate it going.

Gaze Bruce Smith’s total Huge determine Family Feud fail above.

The save to streak Huge determine Family Feud

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