Celebrity Dining: Plant based ‘slow-braised meat’ Fable hits Woolworths shelves in 600 locations

Celebrity Dining:

Celebrity Dining:

Delusion Food Co (Delusion) has launched its contemporary ‘Plant Based fully mostly Braised Pork’ in 600 Woolworths areas all over Australia. 

Delusion is a delicious, versatile ingredient that you might maybe be in a scheme to teach wherever you’d most regularly teach braised meat. Delusion is sixty two% shiitake mushroom (but doesn’t taste ‘mushroomy’) and this entire food inferior is complemented with other all pure plant essentially essentially based mostly formula, packing a savoury umami punch and luxurious texture. 

by celeb Chef Heston Blumenthal
, Delusion crafts Australia’s most
delicious and healthy plant essentially essentially based mostly protein. It modified into founded by worn stunning dining
chef and mycologist Jim Fuller, natural mushroom farmer Chris McLoghlin and
worn Sneakers of Prey co-founder, Michael Fox. 


Heston has featured
Delusion on the menus of his Michelin Well-known person eating places and stated:

“Leveraging the pure advantages of shiitake mushrooms, Delusion goes beyond changing meat, it would perchance maybe well calm be in a class of its occupy!”

Plant essentially essentially based mostly proteins are going mainstream as one in three Australians actively seek to lower down on meat intake. The class is anticipated to be price upwards of $140 billion by 2030. After launching in December 2019, Delusion has become a homegrown rupture success by developing a minimally processed plant-essentially essentially based mostly protein that’s accurate for you and for the planet.  

Michael Fox, co-founder
and CEO of Delusion, stated:

“Bringing plant essentially essentially based mostly protein to extra Aussies all around the nation with a effect as iconic as Woolworths is an beautiful feeling. We created Delusion, no longer handiest because we imagine that plant-essentially essentially based mostly proteins is also as delicious as meat, but furthermore that they would perchance maybe calm be extensively accessible for all. We’ve had limitless customers build a query to for added programs to gain Delusion so that they’ll cook at home so we can’t wait to hunt what roughly culinary masterpieces they make now they’ll acquire it at Woolworths.”  

Aussies can acquire Delusion Braised Pork with the refrigerated meat choices,
ideal subsequent to the meat part. It comes in a 250g pack for $8.50. Is your local
Woolworths on the record? Test here.

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