Celebrity Health: 5 Absolutely Bananas Celebrity Stalker Tales You’ve Never Heard

Celebrity Health: 5 Absolutely Bananas Celebrity Stalker Tales You’ve Never Heard

Celebrity Health:

Celebrity Health:


A Dinosaur Fan, Armed With Blades, Modified into once Convinced Steven Spielberg “Wished” Him To Rape Him

We at Cracked bear lengthy observed the booming field of dinosaur erotica with broad appreciation. At any time while you hear about a brand new fetish, you bear got to balance your response between “Ah! That’s hilarious!” and “Ew. That’s creepy,” but now not so with dinophilia. The dino fetishist, you gape, has no probability of performing on their fantasy because dinosaurs bear now not exist, and anyway, the T. rex’s fingers are so rapid. In that sense, dinosaur fans are the least sexually threatening of us of all. Or so we opinion, until we learned of Jonathan Norman.

Norman certainly loved dinosaurs, judging by the the total cutout photos of dinosaurs police chanced on in his car after they arrested him in 1997, and from the automobile’s Jurassic Park decal. He furthermore in actuality loved Steven Spielberg. Certainly, he believed Spielberg mandatory Norman to rape him. To which you may perhaps perhaps impart, “Norman, that’s now not what ‘rape’ technique,” but Norman understood the basics of what rape technique actual lovely, which used to be why he over and over tried breaking into Spielberg’s home armed with a knife, razor blades, handcuffs, and masking tape. Prosecutors known as his arsenal a rape equipment. To which you may perhaps perhaps impart, “Prosecutor, that’s now not what ‘rape equipment’ technique,” but you earn what they meant, and to achieve the proposed crime even grimmer, the perp carried an inventory of Spielberg’s household and chums.

Norman’s opinion, acknowledged police, used to be to tie up the total household and then bear his system with Spielberg whereas his essential other watched. After his 2d failed damage-in strive, on the opposite hand, police caught scrutinize of him and gave traipse. We’re silent talking about this case 20 years later for the rationale that specialise in used to be the fundamental Steven Spielberg, but on the time, bear now not teach this case bought additional publicity thanks to the victim’s fame. Supreme the reverse occurred: Spielberg’s of us tried their finest to choose it aloof, and the Los Angeles Times had to open a special investigation over the course of months to resolve out what used to be going on.

Spielberg, in Ireland to shoot Saving Non-public Ryan, later grew to change into paranoid that his stalker may perhaps need followed him in one other country. What if he had disguised himself as one of the film’s many extras? What if he frail a dressing as much as cowl a gun and approached the director armed? But those fears got here to total when Norman used to be sentenced to 25 years and disaster up in a psychological hospital. Meaning he is attributable to be launched in, oh, a couple more years now, by which time Jurassic World: Dominion would be the mountainous dino film.

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A Crazy Canadian Failed To Level to Keanu Reeves Fathered Her Teens (Then Accused Him Of Hypnosis)

Keanu Reeves grew up in Toronto. That grand is truth. But if you believe you studied the parable of fellow Ontarian Karen Sala — and, let’s actual impart this upfront, you absolutely may perhaps silent now not deem the parable of Ontarian Karen Sala — he didn’t fling by “Keanu Reeves” motivate then. He known as himself Marty Spencer and different different names, under which he forged a lengthy sexual relationship with Karen Sala. In most cases, he got here to her in conceal, every so incessantly as her husband. He fathered one or more of her four children and used to be present (in conceal) at one or more of their births.

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