Home content Celebrity Culture: Instagram for B2B Marketing …

Celebrity Culture: Instagram for B2B Marketing …

Celebrity Culture: Instagram for B2B Marketing …

Celebrity Culture:


O10 INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS WINNING AT B2B CONTENT 1 Adobe 2 Intel • 681,000 followers • Dazzling visuals highlighting what their merchandise can build • Over 1 million followers Well-known person-style photography reinforcing the logo verbalize Three Hootsuite four CBRE • Array of structure from • Casual, generous photography • Posts present right by the realm • Suave hashtags to promote company culture posts 5 HubSpot 6 вм IBM • Informational relate material with Highly efficient use of reactive storytelling • Combines top-of-thoughts memoir with advertising and marketing and marketing message visually involving photography Witty captions and video 7 GE eight FedEx Leverages stamp’s history with stylish applied sciences • Creates a extremely efficient verbalize by storytelling • Capabilities photography of planes and trucks everywhere world • Ties photography to reviews of their shipping direction of 9 НР 10 Mailchimp • Over 1 million followers •

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