Celebrity Beauty: Josie Canseco Underboob of the Day

Celebrity Beauty:

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Celebrity Beauty: Josie Canseco Appealing Bikini

Josie Canseco is the slutty event girl daughter turned influencer turned star fucker that came from Jose Canseco’s balls after they shat interior some Hooters waitress….

She’s the solid stage of trashy white girl, no matter being half of cuban, or whatever they are…she’s residing one of the best white girl life….from gala’s to occasions…she seems to be fancy in overall every other twat on instagram….who would date a Top Youtube pussy….which she does.

I don’t know what this shoot is for, nonetheless since she seems to be lawful, I’m going to post it….because her having a gaze lawful is all we in actuality care about, incandescent that she’s both a whore with daddy points, or acceptable some lame consideration seeker who would choose a high youtuber..will get in the methodology of staring at her knockers….it’s all acceptable noise because anybody under 30 is never any doubt a shitty fucking human….so we gotta focus on what matters which is them having a gaze lawful because all of them ponder they are headlining a fucking concert for thousands and thousands day-after-day of their life because they’ve a social media story….


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